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Thread: Good places to buy plastic pants?

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    Default Good places to buy plastic pants?

    So I'm looking to get a pair of plastic panties. For one, I'm thinking I can wear them over my diapers to bed so I don't have to worry about leaks (I wear disposables). For two, I'm hoping they'll cut down on the crinkly noise my diapers make so I can wear them around the house a little more without being heard. Where would everyone recommend to get them from? Price really isn't a concern as long as they aren't insanely expensive. Just looking for some good ones, maybe a variety of color choice but it's not necessary.


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    I use the All Together Diaper Co., which is All Together Enterprises. Some people use BabyPants, Babykins, Anglefluff, and even Amazon.

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    Ordered some Leakmasters from All Together on the 3rd and they were in my mailbox on the 6th. The price including shipping wasn't but a dollar or two more than $20.00 and they do the job. Fetware on the other hand were about twice as much, took a couple of weeks to arrive and the side seam split open the first night I wore them. The Leakmasters are also thicker mil plastic so I expect they'll last awhile.

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    I wear plastic panties from Fetware. They have a real nice selection for cloth and disposable diapers. I have prints as well as solid colors.
    Here's the link.

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    Agree with the poster above, I purchase mine from Fetware and they are a great company. They have plastic pants made specifically to fit over disposables and have cloth like leg and waist bands.

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    Get Comco. They last very well and they are quite reasonably priced. They do make me look like a toddler but then to be accurate at night I beave like toddler!

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    I Have got plastic pants from I have never had a problem with them leaking or anything! They also have some really cute designs on the for that more babyish look.

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    Buy Haian brand, available on ebay, different vendors; very inexpensive and durable. snap-sides and pull-on ones available, many colors; takes a couple weeks to deliver, they come from China.

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    I use the 4-mil "Comfort Vinyl" pants sold by Changing Times. They are made by Gary Mfg., same company that makes the Leakmaster pants and a few others. They do the job, and have lasted for about 18 months so far with the only sign of wear being slight discoloration of the waistband.

    All that said, if you're looking to wear these over disposables, you might want to look for a cloth-lined pant. Without a lining, anything that escapes your disposable is just going to pool in the pants, waiting for an excuse to drain out of the leg cuffs or waist. Disposables don't tend to let stuff back in.

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    I have used both Leakmaster vinyl and PUL pants. Both work well, but I've chosen to go with the more costly PUL...they can be washed with my diapers, they do a really good job containing leaks, and they are more durable than the vinyl. I get them from, and the prices and shipping are reasonable. Just make sure you get the size correct, or you may have issues. I am on the border of two sizes. I got my first pair of PUL pants a size too small...while they fit my waist and thighs, they allowed the back of my cloth diaper to 'peek' out the top of the back. I just got the next size up but have not used them yet. I'll see what happens.

    To answer your other question, they probably will not cut down on the crinkly noise much. They do however do a good job containing leaks. The only issue I have (I wear cloth diapers) is that sometimes if I wet heavy the liquid can wick along the elastic. This doesn't happen too often as I have been able to predict how much I might wet overnight and either double up or use an insert. And as Cottontail said, if you wear them over disposables and the diaper leaks, the liquid will indeed simply pool in the plastic pants.

    Hope this helps, and good luck.

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