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Thread: Doubling up does not equal double performance

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    Default Doubling up does not equal double performance


    I see a lot of people talking about doubling-up (disposable) diapers on this forum, and I just wonder how many of you do this regularly. I realise, for creating maximum padding, this is a quick and effective solution, but when it comes to the actual performance of the protection, I rarely feel I get much more out of a second diaper. Even with cutting holes in it etc, I still find it will leak at leg gatherings before the outer diaper is near capacity. I would prefer to soak one, and then change into new one. Lasts longer for me. Personally doubling-up just seems like a bit of a waste of diapers. Factor in the added waste, and cost...

    ...At this point I will expect lots of criticism from a few of you, but please keep it polite. ;-)

    Do you wear multiple diapers for protection of for thick padded rear? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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    This is an interesting thought. I, for one, need the thick (sometimes triple or more) diapers for times, such as on a flight, at work, etc. when I am not able to change diapers frequently and am going to be in one for an extended period of time...that, and, of course, I love the feel of thick diapers, too.

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    I don't use boosters, stuffers in my disposables at all. I do use a stuffer in my Dependeco AIO's sometimes during the day if I'm out and about. Mainly to
    guard against accidents. I do use them for overnight wear to cover for hours involved as I'm a heavy wetter. Thickness I don't worry about as I do alot of
    walking during the day.

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    You make a good point, Soakingboy.

    From my personal experience, I don't double up. If I did this, it would be a waste since there are now two moisture acquisition layers and a cut outer shell to go through before complete absorption and distribution.

    Doubling does work in many cases with most products, but some individuals with heavy incontinence and outright flooding may not see the best protection against leakage.

    In my personal experience, I take high quality diapers such as the AB Universe Super Dry Kids and split them open at the back. Then I slide in the 33 in. Tranquility insert for more absorption. No sealing tape required.

    I can fit a maximum of three inside with the volume of the diaper for the highest capacity.

    Usually, though, if I want a balance of thick and effective, I'll slide in two the full length of the diaper, and fold a third one in half just for the rear.

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    Doubling up is indeed, just a novelty for thickness usually. If someone really wanted better absorbency, they'd get a booster.(And use 1. Not 6, 1. Past that, it's going to expand and make the leak guards worthless)

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    Default Re: Doubling up does not equal double performance

    I wear Belssimos while working and they last at least 8 hours and sometimes I use a booster pad. I wear plastic pants in case I've gone too long.

    When I want thickness, I add my Fuubuu cloth diaper with a baby pants cloth diaper pre-fold folded in 3rds stuffed in it and add plastic pants. That's with the Belssimo underneath with seperate pair of plastic pants over the Belssimo. I do that so I don't leak into the cloth ones.

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    I will double up for function sometimes. I do think it depends on the diaper you're using: I use tena slip plus, and in my experience I get a LOT more absorbency than I would with just one. Maybe not quite as much as two used individually, but it really does make a huge difference to change times. Plus at night time, there's no way I can stay in one single diaper for 8+ hours, I leak every night when using a single diaper/no boosters. In the daytime, the second diaper usually becomes more of a 'safety net', so I can wet to capacity and overflow the first diaper, but not leak.

    I wouldn't bother to double up on premium diapers usually; that's just a 'fun' thing. But if one premium diaper has a severely damaged outer shell, I will double up, in order to avoid wasting it. I actually ended up doing this with my first pack of diapers.

    In short, yes, I double up for better performance and functional reasons, far more often than I double up for fun reasons.

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    I've never tried it... Do you have to slash the first one so the pee goes through to the other?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leah1234 View Post
    I've never tried it... Do you have to slash the first one so the pee goes through to the other?
    Depends for what reason you're doing it! If you don't want extra absorbency, obviously not, but yes, if you're looking to make use of both diapers, the inner diaper's outer plastic should be slit.

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    I've done it in the past for thickness rather than practicality because I've never been in a situation where more than one good diaper is necessary, using two diapers can work well if they're of different kinds such that one is much thinner than the other for example a Tena discreet and a Tena Slip would work well and while two Tena Slips would also work it might be a bit overkill.

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