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Thread: Ideas worth thinking about?

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    Lightbulb Ideas worth thinking about?

    I am looking to find ways to encourage more people to visit my site. I know that I need to add more content regularly but it is all still a work in progress (never enough time as they say).

    Anyway I was looking for opinions on the ideas of holding a story competition and/or a best adult baby photo competition?

    I understand not many would want to appear in photos on a public website, so I was thinking the photos needn't be head shots like traditional competitions. There could be a much more artistic approach for photos of adult babies/people or an acceptance of cute photos of babies favourite toys, clothes, diaper stack...etc

    The story competition would be fairly straight forward.

    Does anyone think these ideas are worth considering? Would anyone here consider entering/want to enter either of them?

    Thoughts please

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    I like the idea of comepetition. Would there be any incentives for the competition (For the record, I'm not talking cash or physical trophies)?

    I wouldn't mind participating in the photo competition, I think mommy would be on board as well!


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