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Thread: Follow up on my new stuffer

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    Wink Follow up on my new stuffer

    Select® Kid's Booster Pad - Select Kids - Babies "R" Us

    Above is the stuffer that I posted about a few days ago asking whether they are good or not. Well...this stuffers work wonders. Currently I am sitting with my attends waistband on in an absolutely soaked diaper. I would say I had 4-5 good wettings and the diaper is still holding. Actually it is sagging down to my knees with no leaks!

    I just put the stuffer closer to the front of my diaper (since I am a guy) and have been wetting for a good 4 hours with no problems.

    This stuffer may be made for babies but it really holds up well in an adult diaper. I give it two s up!

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    I am planning to stop by and pick up a pack of Booster Pads to go along with my Abenas. It should be interesting to see how well they perform together. Thanks for the info.

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    Well, I went to DMES Medical in Huntington Beach and picked up a package of Abena Abriflex Premium 3 pull-ups. Then I stopped at Toys R Us and picked up a package of the booster pads. I slipped into the Abena and then placed the booster inside. So far I have managed one pretty heavy wetting. One medium wetting. and 3 or 4 minor wettings. Not a hint of leaking so far, and no signs of reaching capacity yet. I have been in them for nearly an hour and a half. Looks to be a pretty good combination.

    I forutnately will be able to go padded every morning for the next couple of weeks. I'll keep on trying this combination and let folks know the long term results.

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    I will check these out. I hope they sell it in Canada.

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    I have been using the Babys R Us doublers with my Abena Abriflex Premium 3 pull ups. They appear to do an admirable job in what is an already great pull up diaper. Now I am trying them out with Tena Men's pull ups. (Probably the best over-the-counter pull up...) So far they have taken two pretty heavy wettings and show no sign of leakage or reaching capacity. The boosters are supposed to add an extra 8oz of fluid capacity.. I am quite satisfied with them. BTW, these are the first boosters I have ever used.

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    I am glad that I was able to discover these. They hold up with diaper briefs as well.

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    I just recently started using stuffers as I generally try to make my diaper last for at least 4 hours, and to be honest I have never actually used a real diaper stuffer. I find that they are just so expensive at most stores and are rare to find at thrift shops. So I just buy baby diapers since they are mostly comprised of high capacity sap and use those as stuffers instead. Most baby diapers come out to ~.20-.3 cents per at full retail price, which is already as cheap if not cheaper than most stuffers, and I only buy them when I have some sort of discount that makes them ~.15cents or less.

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