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    Hello,my name is Victor,but please call me Vic,I'm 19,And live just outside of baltimore MD, I joined this site because I always found myself finding it some how when looking up things to do with ABDL, I Have been into diapers for quite a few years, The first time I put myself in them I was about 9 My younger sister had a bed wetting problem and had to wear pullups, so I figured one day I would try them on the moment I 1st put it on I was hooked, It felt so nice I had it on for a while and when everyone went to sleep I chose to wet it it was amazing to say the least, and ever sense I have love them, I started buying My own "supplies" when I was about 13 (a year after my sister grew out of her bed wetting) I knew little to nothing about diapers at that time so I bought things like pullups and really cheap baby diapers, and they would leak like crazy, so I was not happy and thought well maybe Im just getting too big and then dont make them in my size but that was when we went on vacation my little sister started having some trouble staying dry again so my mom got her some more pullups they were called goodnites, At first I thought they were just generic pullups but I tryed one and wet and it healed it all I was very pleased, then as I got older I started to find out their were other people like me who liked to wear and use diapers so I then started to watchs videos on youtube,people would wet and even mess,so I tryed messing as well and loved it just as well, so needless to say I really enjoy using my diapers, well that turned into a long ramble so sorry, just wanted to say who I was and tell a little story about how I got into everything :P

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    Please change the font and colors of this post. Its a grape colored wall of text and unreadable.

    Also Im wondering if you could talk more about yourself outside of just diapers. Interests? Passions? What do you do in your spare time ?

    Do you have a driver's license? Do you like the picture of yourself on it?

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    yeah, this font and color is way too much for my inebriated braint to handle

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