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Thread: Hi I'm new from the US

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    Default Hi I'm new from the US

    Hello! I'm quite new to this website, and not very new to the xB/DL scene; been off and on about it since I was 11. I just recently started wearing diapers whenever I can! I enjoy hanging out with my girlfriend who currently doesn't know of my liking towards diapers; and I would love to meet new people and make friends with people of the xB/DL community

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    Welcome! You've come to the right place! What kind of diapers are your favorite? What are your other likes besides diapers and the xB/DL scene?

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    My favorite Diapers are my teddy bambino's that i recently just got! They are soooo comfortable ; I like playing video games with my friends and kinda just chill around with friends; currently only 2 people know about my "likes" and that is excluding my girl friend who I want to tell sooner then later; just worried that she will think down on me. And on that note if you have another other questions I would be glad to answer them!

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    Likewise, jump right in on any of these threads and ask questions to any of us!

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    Welcome to the site. I hope that you find what you seek here. We are generally a pretty fun crowd and you will find every type of person here from the hardcore :I love DIAPERS: to those of us that were never into that scene and signed up because of our SO's and learning more about it and became a shitton important part of the community.

    Lots of topics go on here and sometimes the chat room can be fun as well.

    Have a lovely evening

    P.s. How long have you been with your girlfriend? What sorts of things do you have in common? Do you ever consider telling her?

    If you were on a desert island and could only take 3 things with you. What would they be?

    Are you into any specific TV shows/movies? Do you like any sports or physical activities other than putting on and taking off diapers?

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