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Thread: who wears diapers around your parents?

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    Default who wears diapers around your parents?

    how wears diaper around your parents? do they know or have they ever found out? if so what did they do?

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    Growing up with them in my childhood home, I wore secretly wore diapers around them for years. And now, being 24 and unfortunately having lived with my parents on and off, I have worn diapers around both of them. I'm the kind of DL that while keeping respect for others and doing eveything in my power to remain decent, I wear diaper discreetly around the clock 5-6 days a week on average. This means that I wear under my clothes in front of coworkers, friends, and family.

    Do I feel guilty and strange sometimes? Yes, and those times I stop wearing them. The times that I have lived at home and spent money on diapers never felt good for a minute, which is why I try to grow up during those times and put that money towards getting my (non diapered) ass out of their house. But I try to keep to my philosophy.. As long as we are not hurting anyone or ourselves mentally, financially, or physically, and we aren't doing anything illegal, then whats the harm? And even in hard times we all still have to live a little and do what makes us happy.. even if it is a $12 bag of leaky depends.

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    I wear, Goodnites at least, around my parent and sibling. I haven't worn anything else so far as I haven't gotten anything with crinkle yet. I'm still waiting to be called out on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOPaddED View Post
    I wear, Goodnites at least, around my parent and sibling. I haven't worn anything else so far as I haven't gotten anything with crinkle yet. I'm still waiting to be called out on it
    hopfully that will never happen

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    I've been diapered in front of my mother in law, but more in passing. I'd get up early in the morning to stay with the dog when she was a young puppy, and after a while, my mother in law, who stays with us during the summer, would come out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I'd then say I was going to take my shower, and I'd sort of back out. I was wearing a long night shirt and shorts to cover the diaper. I suppose I could have not worn, but then I would have had to not wear for the entire summer. I didn't want to go that long.....sigh.

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    My parents and sister know about my wearing, and to be honest, it makes me feel good to know that they know and are completely accepting. I don't flaunt my diapers, but I wear in front of them. My mom and sister have told me that they have seen my waistband or something, but they usually joke about it. It is endearing to know that they are okay with it and can joke about it.

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    I used on the rare occasion when I wore Goodnites, but now I live a few hours away so the occasion really doesn't come up.

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    I am scared to death that one morning my mom's gonna come into my room and see my makeshift towel diaper sticking out of my pajama pants, or when I'm changing out of it.

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    I wore around my parents a few times as a kid, but never as a first choice. Instead, these situations tended to come about as a result of my thinking I had privacy and then hearing a door open, footsteps, etc. It was quick-thinking time, and I can remember at least one instance of pulling a pair of jeans on over my modded Pampers just in time to respond to a knocking on my bedroom door.

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    I wear in front of friends. I have not been around my parents since I've gotten diapers, but I would not have a problem with wearing around them under clothes. What I would have a problem with is storing them in my parents' house during the times when I've lived there; I really would not trust that I could safely hide them anywhere. So I don't oppose wearing around parents on principle, but I don't see the scenario in which I would wear around them actually coming up.

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