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Thread: things not to drink before bed... :P

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    Default things not to drink before bed... :P

    So. i decided last night that as i had so much uni work to get done, id have an energy drink (fizzy soda with caffeine in it). Bad idea. not only do they not really affect me so i fell asleep soon anyway, but my flat mate said she heard me yelling worse than ever in my sleep, and ive woken up to a leaking Unique Wellness wont be doing that again!

    anyone else had this happen? i usually drink a lot and wet heavily (half accident half DL), but ive never leaked one before!

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    I had a few drinks of the alcoholic nature one night, someone told me that drinking plenty of water helps with hangover (which it does, kills the dehydration). I should have put two and two together, but my inebriated mind was having non of that.

    I was lucky I went to bed padded, I didn't have any issues with leaking though. Abena M4s do their job well...

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