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Thread: Best adult diaper brands?

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    Default Best adult diaper brands?

    I'll be completely honest, I started at age 10-11 and I only really grew up knowing 3 brands of "not completely baby" diapers. Pullups, Goodnites, and Depends. I finally got too big for Goodnites and Depends turned out to be well, crap. They leak all over and they suck I know nothing else about anything. If I can manage to make a sneaky CVS run, what do I get? What brand is easy to get and good?

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    Well you aren't gonna get the "good" brands from CVS. The best brands come from ordering online. If you can manage to order online in your current living situation, whatever it may be, I would suggest ordering either Abena M4s (not the "Premium" kind) or Molicare Super Plus. Those two are my favorites.

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    thanks for the advice, are they expensive and does anyone offer good discreet shipping? my mom gets the mail and while she isn't likely to open a blank box (just ask me what I got, I could say books or some lie) if a box labeled DIAPERS shows up at the door with my name on it my mom will not be all that pleased.

    I am 19 and still live at home

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    If you look, pretty much any of the "good" diapers can be found on the internet on a website that offers discreet shipping. You can get Bambinos, Tena, Abena and Molicare all from Bambino, and they offer discreet shipping. I've ordered from them several times. Although I find their products fun but not as practical, ABU offers all of their products, plus Abena and Attends, with discreet shipping. I've also ordered from them once before. I also just ordered for the first time from XP Medical last week, they carry brands like Dry 24/7, Attends, Abena, Molicare and from what I saw it is discreet shipping. So if you search, you can find options.

    What I do when I order is have them shipped to my local UPS Store or FedEx Store, depending on who does shipping (UPS for Bambino, FedEx for XP Medical and ABU). I have them shipped there, and they call me when my package comes in and I go pick it up. It's $5 for UPS Store (which I don't mind since Bambino offers free shipping) and free at the FedEx Store. Just do a little search to see what is in your area, and go pick them up yourself. Then just leave them in the trunk of your car and wait until everyone goes to sleep at night to bring them in. It's fool proof, as long as you have a good hiding spot in your room.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    personaly I like attends bealthable briefs and they are rally easy to get

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    personaly I like attends bealthable briefs and they are rally easy to get

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