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    So i ordered these diapers for my wife back in December and so far im pretty dissappointed. They said that these would ship by the 25th of last month at the latest and i have not recieved a tracking number yet or anything. Whenever i email them i get some bs answer like "we are waiting on details ourselves and will keep you updated" or something. From what i understand other people have had similar issues in the past.

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    I ordered a sample thank goodness so it's only 8 bucks I lost.

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    Their first shipment sold out before they even got them. You're probably waiting for the next shipment on their end. I've had good dealings with this company (I live somewhat near their warehouse, so I deal with them in person). If you call and throw enough of a fit, I'm sure they'll refund the order. If you've tried their cushies, their sissy diapers are the same but with a different pattern according to them.

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    Oh wow, I've been watching this new product for months now. Looking at the massive order trend, and using my knowledge of retail freight shipment times, It probably won't be until May when the next production is manufactured and completely shipped.

    Patience, friend. It'll arrive in the mail.

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