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Thread: hi from belgium!

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    Default hi from belgium!

    Hi, New to this forum, so started off by introducing myself ;P i'm from belgium, working as ict technicus, 20-25 year old ;P

    I do a bit of sports, videogames, reading, some writing from time to time and all the other things an average young guy does ;P

    just want to read about other peoples experiences with our common interest

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    Hello belgiumdp,

    you seem to be an allrounder, i imagine, kind of? Since you're into a lot of different stuff.
    Which sports are your favourite ones exactly, if i may ask? And maybe you'd like to tell us about some books you really enjoyed? Do you prefer any specific genre in general?

    And i guess, we're all here for the same reasons, it's a support community after all.
    Don't be to shy, if you got a question.

    And welcome to ADISC!

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    interestingly not all our core interests are exactly the same. Some love regression but diapers play a minor role, with lego, dolls, coloring and so on being bigger... and the dl's are different from those sometimes: some love just the act of being in their favorite clobber or get-up without ageplay at all.

    Any thrads you looking for that we can locate for you?

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    Hi, belgiumdp. I used to have a Belgian penpal. He loved computer programming, but couldn't speak the old language very well.

    So you like to read and write, huh? Watch out, you'll become a lifetime professor like me some day reading and learning so much. Say, have you ever thought about working with international media as a freelancer, like for the Associated Press? You'd probably be pretty good at it.

    Just a thought for you to ponder.

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    Hello belgiumdp and welcome.

    I do coin collecting and have quite a few from Belgium. I also am desendant from Belgium, my dads mothers family came from Belgium in the early 1800's.

    Nice to have you in the group and hope to see your input in threads

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