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Thread: Eeeek UTI AGAIN!

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    Default Eeeek UTI AGAIN!

    I had to call the District Nurse yesterday because I kept bypassing the catheter every time I moved, the pee that escaped caused a REALLY bad burning sensation in my urethra that made my eyes water, I also had a raging temperature and developed pain in my abdomen that made me double up in agony.

    She came out to see me within the hour and took a sample of my urine through the catheter.

    It tested highly positive for lucozites and nitrites(Or did she say nitrates?) and, as per usual with EVERY test over last few years, blood - so she said she would fax my doc and get him/her to put me on a course of antibiotics. Simon has to take a sample tomorrow morning for us to take to docs when we are there for my already booked appointment in the morning.

    The nurse said the sample will need to be sent off and cultured to see what strains of bacteria are found to ensure I am on the correct ABs to get rid of it as I have not long finished a course of ABs for a previously pretty nasty UTI. (smoked kippers is an understatement!)

    Hygiene cannot be stepped up any further, so I am at a loss as to how I got it.

    Will let you know how I get on at the docs tomorrow AM.

    IF my urine sample was clear, she would have changed the catheter to ensure that it was fitted properly, as I had been occasionally bypassing since the evening after the morning it was replaced. (nurse took female one out and put std/male one in)

    *sigh* Nurse did say that catheters can cause infections. I guess a suprapubic, (not that I can have one) would be less of a risk?

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    Well Catheters, no matter how clean you keep 'em... or how much precautions you take are a high risk for UTIs ... there's really not a lot you can do unfortunately.
    Especially if you're prone to get UTIs anyhow, it's going to happen.

    Preemptively what you can do is to drink a lot of cranberry juice (not the sugar loaded crap please... get some from a organic food store...)...
    Cranberry juice can work "magic" if you have an UTI and also helps to not get one that quickly.

    Besides this, prolonged wearing of Cath through the urethra will be a high risk.

    A suprapubic cath offers LESS risk than the more common through-the-urethra version.

    Then there's pads / pull-ups & diapers.
    I'm IC - day & night. And whilst I have "embraced" my diapers at some point and actually am rather fond of them, there are many days and times where I WISH I COULD BE RID of the damn things and of the IC in general.
    But as long as I don't have retention issues - it will be a cold day in hell before I opt to permanently wear a cath to take care of my IC.
    In my opinion, there's just too many risks involved like scarring of the urethra, even further reduced bladder capacity over time (it shrinks really bad), very high risk for UTIs, failures of the balloon.... ripping it out by accident (which can cause some serious issues), etc... to me, they're basically what I'd consider the absolute last option in IC Care - on a prolonged basis.

    As a man I could choose to wear a condom-catheter, but whilst I have some, and there are occasions where I use them instead of the pads / diapers, in most situations I simply HATE them (I feel even weirder with my Johnson wrapped and glued / sticky-taped into that tube, with the tubing along my leg and the damn bag.

    So I find, that pads - diapers are far superior in my IC-care than other options...

    maybe if you keep getting the UTIs - the diapers / pads even if you dislike them are a more viable option?

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    UTI's are a evil nightmare. My last bout with a UTI was evil enough to require 3 rounds of ciprofloxacin otherwise known as Cipro. I was having issues with a reoccurring UTI that hit me every 79 days for a few months. The doctors and I couldn't find out the cause as I was not using a Cath at the time. I have to agree that the unsweetened Cranberry juice is a wonderful thing to have to help reduce the time the infection is screwing with you. Being IC on top of it really sucks.

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    Unsure if this might help, but have you tried changing the brand of catheter? I know certain brand have different coatings inside and out, and some people get on better with different types. I know some even have silver in them for its anti-bacterial qualitys now.

    I vagely remember a device some doctors came up with a few years back, was looking at stuff for my final project in uni. It was a device that fitted into the end of a catheter and had a one way valve, plus it used silver. Overall I seem to remember it cut the rate of UTIs in clinical trials... I will try and find a web link for you...

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    Back in the 90's dr. Talked me into cath...

    So, I had several uti's and other issues as well...

    Long story short...

    Said no!

    Haven't ever tried external cath...but, pads are much better or you than a tube cramed in there

    My 2 cents

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    I can't rely solely on pads B, I suffer severely with retention as well as incontinence, the catheter is so that my bladder can be drained constantly. Without it my bladder just fills bigger and bigger.

    Turns out that the nerves to my bladder are dead or significantly dormant. I do not get a message when to pee, and my body doesn't tell my bladder to contract to push out the pee.

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    Well, have you tried intermetint cath...usually a self cath...

    I don't have a huge deal with urine retention...but drs have been poking around in that area now for years...

    I've had more than a few uti's o.ver the years...

    Also I take lots of drugs for lots of things...but I take a serious muscle relaxant whitch does make memory prone to leaking continually insted of holding anything in...


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