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    my name is matthew I like diapers I also play online games in the spar time

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    That's cool. What games do you play online, I play on xbox live. Welcome to adisc!

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC, Matthew!

    As bigbluehusky already asked, what's your favourite games? I'd guess a lot of star wars? Since your nick is revan, who is a Sith Lord in the Star Wars Universe. So are you a KotoR or SWToR fan? Or just in general SW related things.

    Anyway, don't feel too shy to talk a little bit about yourself and if you got a question, just ask away!

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    Hi, revan0407, a.k.a. Matt. Do you like virtual online worlds?

    I know I got hooked on SecondLife a few years ago, especially with its ABDL scene. Been saving up money to buy a really good computer. I just have to remind myself to be patient, the world of online gaming is coming.

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    Hey there! Lots of people here are really open about really personal things... something about talking with strangers who you already know have stuff in common with you, stuff you don't normally share with the rest of the world... However, if you would rather leave the personal stuff aside, and talk about neutral stuff that's what we're here for too!

    You mentioned gaming... and fanfics. Starwars fanfics? other ones?

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