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Thread: How do you indulge your AB/DL urges?

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    Default How do you indulge your AB/DL urges?

    Being new to AB/DL and this community, I'm curious to how you all indulge in your own individual AB/DL urges. I'm sure some of you find that simply wearing diapers is enough. But how about those of you that need a little more? What do you do exactly to go beyond just wearing diapers? Do you wear baby clothes as well? Pacis, bottles, etc..?

    While we're at it, lets get into activities as well. Do you find that doing more childish things like playing with toys, filling out coloring books, or watching children's cartoons lets your connect to your AB/DL side more? How about any other activities in particular that you like to do that brings out your AB/DL side?

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    For me, I always start by putting on a diaper. Then, if I have a lot of time to be alone, I'll put on my onesie. But the thing that seals it for me is having my teddy and cuddling with him. Also, skyping with my daddy helps too

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    At the moment I have exactly nothing other than my two pacifiers. I can't use a pacifier during the day, so I sleep with one. It's quite nice.
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    My routine:
    Hot shower
    Fresh diaper
    Leopard footie pajamas (and my new leopard tail)
    Paci and teddy
    Play on adisc or take a nap (depending on my mood)

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    For me, sharing my dl side in a social setting is important. I'm a social person and don't like keeping things bottled up. That is why this site is my refuge. It is (mostly) free of inappropriate and annoying (or gross) content, and can confidently share who I am with like-minded people. It has been a life saver.

    Oh yeah, and I also like to put on a diaper, grab my plush little foot, no pants and a cozy blanket. A cup of coffee is a constant companion during relaxation time, as is my dog, Chewie.

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    Padding, paci , plushie (o:3, onesie, maybe even a sleper.

    I could bring out my dinosour play blanket and Duplos.

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    Hi, Tapio! First off, that's a great question. As a DL I like to wear diapers at home once a week on average. If I get bold, I'll wear them under my pants in public on my days off from work. Sure, I used to dabble in the ABDL equipment. You know, common things like pacifiers and bottles, but I gave them away to another ABDL who could use them more often.

    Really though, if I had other AB touches to enjoy, such as cartoon bedsheets and pajamas, I'd be a lot more fulfilled. I still live at home, and my dad has strict rules where he does not allow childish furnishings, or even video games. Over the years, I drifted apart from stuffed animals. It'd be nice to have a giant teddy bear someday, maybe in my future apartment.

    So until I move out with enough money, The whole "experience" doesn't come complete. My frequency of wearing is modest now since I had to cut down buying diapers and insert pads. It's an expensive lifestyle, but it has great moments.

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    Padding up and watching cartoons is always nice. To some extent, I "indulge" a bit every night - I have a super-cute Digimon bedspread and I have a plushie, so generally it's enough for me to just snuggle my plushie every night as I fall asleep. Occasionally, I'll sleep padded, as well.

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    For me, my AB/LG side is the main part that is responsible for my curiosity, creativity and imagination. So being actually in that "mood", figuratively speaking, i like to explore things, but in a rather childish manner, i guess. I like to test my boundaries, i.e. how far i can go with certain things, but not in a mean way. Be it just how long it takes until my cat doesn't want to cuddle anymore.

    Secondly i like to draw a lot, but rather in a kind of freestyle. And this is the quite awkward point, since I may look rather like an adult in this case, if i'm in the mood for (re)decorating things or making a new wall-tattoo. Perhaps it's recognizable, since i'm making a lot of ribbons in such a situation ^_-.
    My "grown-up" part would mostly be to lazy, i'd need a motivation in that case, while being childish it's just like "I want to see how it looks, if it isn't that pretty, I can steel make something new!".

    A binky or wearing a footed pajama is great too of course, but it's rather a "sidekick" for me, if i'm not in the mood, these things will get me nowhere.

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    For me, activities like coloring and watching cartoons is just like normal behavior, stuff I never grew out of. I always go to bed with my paci and stuffed animals, and sometimes in my makeshift diaper. But I'm pretty much a closeted ab/dl, so there's only so many ways I can indulge.

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