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Thread: How did you buy your first real padding?

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    Default How did you buy your first real padding?

    I have been a diaper wearer for 15 years now and I have always brought drynites, pull on diapers, and baby diapers. I have been able to do it with out anyone knowing. I want to buy diapers like the abri-form M4s but I have to buy them online. The issue is I live with a room mate and I don't won't him finding out. He goes to work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so for me to get them delivered to my house without my room mate knowing it has to be delivered on Monday morning (he gets home in the afternoon).

    I am trying to build up the courage, but I am worried about it coming when he is home. So my question is when you first got your real diapers delivered, did you have any complications and how did you overcome your fears?


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    I did not do it this way, but you could try a P.O. box. When I was in college I had a separate room from my roommate. I just hid my dips under my bed. If he wanted to go snooping and he found something he didn't like, that was his problem. We were friends, so at the most he would have thought I wet the bed. And he couldn't have said anything without admitting he was snooping. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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    I can get next day delivery so just order when I know its convenient for me and theirs nobody around.

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    You can buy them on Amazon and have them delivered to a locker maybe?

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    Find your local Fed Ex delivery location, specify on the shipping instructions (XP-Medical lets you add comments for shipping) that you want the package held for pick-up at the nearest Fed Ex delivery location. Then just go there on a Monday and pickup your package.

    Good Luck.


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    I got my first real diapers from xp medical. I ordered sample packs using a pre-paid visa card because at the time I was like 15-16 and I didn't have a credit card yet. I didn't have too much of a problem at the time because both my parents used to work so I would have a lot of free time being a lone. I with agree with the other posts though. Now you can just have the shippers deliver it to the nearest UPS or Fedex store and you can just pick up your package when you can. Nowa days since I still live with my parents, I order and just ship them home. I try to time it right so that i'm home when the package arrives but if I can't I lie and say it's for a friend/organization i'm part of or it's a computer part since I usually buy a lot of computer stuff from time to time xD. Disclaimer: I DON'T CONDONE LIEING! It's bad xD. Anyways, just my two cents Good luck and let the force be with you :P

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    Well, according to your posting history, I presume you're in Australia, so I'm not so sure what options you have available to you over there. Perhaps another Aussie might be able to help you out with their specific company knowledge on that one.

    As for the question at hand, I bought a pack of Depends Maximum Protection in early 2009 (pretty sure) from a nearby store. It was nerve-wracking to get them from the store, but I had already been buying pullup style Depends there for some time, so I had desensitized myself a bit to it. I remember opening up the package in the car and feeling the plastic backing for the first time. I practically cried I was so happy, lol.

    Later on, I started ordering Abena diapers through XP Medical, and have converted away from the less-than-mediocre Depends solution, hehe. Good luck getting those buy your roommate, man.

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    Hi, ziggyfish! I got my start by researching on the Internet what ABDLs wear on a budget.

    I waited until I could buy my first car, then shopped at Walgreens. Six years ago, you could get the Walgreens briefs for around $12, and they had the most babyish cut, shape and feel I could find at the time. I cinched them in with packing tape. Now they are cloth-like and uncomfortable. So, and I'm a future strategist, a new quest began.

    At home, I hid these in my bedroom under a lamp table during my college days.

    Then I saved up enough cash to buy a loadable Visa card and bought Bambino Classico. One case in 2007, and a case of Bianco in 2008.

    After that, I scoped out available ABDL vendors and waited. To fill my desires between orders, I used to hunt for and buy Tranquility products in thrift stores like GoodWill. And yes, I've worn all sorts of generic brands, some really good, some seriously junk, though I never fit into or tried the famous Goodnites.

    Over the last two years I started ordering from AB Universe and landed on the Super Dry Kids classic design.

    The way it's cut fits my hips so comfortably, unlike a 2-tape set system. And yes, along the way, my mother found out, but after a day of hard questioning, she dismissed my "phase."

    Now my parents understand that I'm older and deserve respectful privacy for my habits. As long as we're not cleaning the house, I can hide all my stuff under my bed. Any excess that I buy now is kept in the trunk of my car.

    Oh, and as for packages delivered to my family house, thankfully my parents ask about it, but they do not open my mail. I've come up with all sorts of excuses that worked. The package quickly disappears, and they eventually forget because they are old now.

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    Default Re: How did you buy your first real padding?

    I for my first ones by going to the store and picking out a pack of goodnites. It want in my hometown or the city i was going to school in, it was in between.

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    Are you concerned that he will open the package while you're not around? Or is he overly curious about what you get in the mail? If not then I say just order them from someplace with discreet shipping and he'll never know what's in the box.

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