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Thread: what if something tragic will happened

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    Default what if something tragic will happened

    this is kind of idea i have in mind once in awhile...

    does anyone ever thought about what his/her family will think after finding diapers and other stuff, if something tragic will happened to him/her?
    i believe it happened in the past for some people.

    sorry for the unpleasant subject...

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    As long as I can explain it to them it'd be fine. I have enough proof it hasn't affected my life so I have nothing to fear.

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    Well, sure. The truth is that there have been break-ups and divorces, teens have been deemed mentally ill and sent to see psychiatrists, etc. This is one of two extremes, the other being blind acceptance. Most people seem to have an experience that falls somewhere in the middle of these two.

    Of course, we always fear the worst. I certainly feared the worst when my wife finally stumbled upon my diapers after many years of marriage. Things turned out okay for me, though.

    One way to shed some fear is to be clear on what you'd do if your secret got out: Own up. Make it clear that you're not hurting anybody, that you didn't choose these desires, but that you understand how they'd seem strange to most people. Make it clear that you're not the only one with these desires, and be ready to refer to "Understanding Infantilism" or one of several other resources for ABDL-muggles. Put yourself in their shoes, but don't apologize for things outside of your control. You can apologize somewhat for keeping secrets, but realize that everybody does things to fit in, whether by dressing differently, acting differently, etc.

    I know there are some here who like to admonish those of us in relationships where the other party is (or was) unaware of our diapered personas, but I don't view the hiding as a wholly selfish act. It's also a labor of desire and appreciation for the non-diapered lifestyle these other parties are leading, and I think the open-minded among them can see and understand that.

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    I understand the question to mean something quite different to how the other posters have taken it (though I may be wrong). I assumed the question was about if you (the DL) had an accident that meant you would end up in hospital or worse then your family would inevitably have to look through and clear out your things. Which is when they find the diapers - too late for explanations or cover ups - just one sad family dealing with even more confusion.

    As you can tell, this idea deeply worries me. Almost enough to purge.

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    It certainly takes some of the anxiety out of it, having a partner who knows....I can rest assured that she would take care of things....on the other hand, if we were both in an accident, that could get awkward.

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    The fact that it was out of their lives until they discoverred it posthumusly, or even after clearing out my stuff while I was alive and incapacitated, should tell them something. After that, I kind of don't give a diaper's contents (lol). While I am alive and able, out of respect for them, I won't volunteer anything about my lifestyle.

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    Since I legally own my house, i would not give it to a family member if I died. I would give it to one of DL friends. Lol its probably too early to write my will, but I would put in there that if my requests are not followed, ill come back from the dead and haunt the person in question.....

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    Haunted by a Leopard, wow.... now that would explain those strange noises in the night. I've often thought it would be cool to haunt someone.....but not me please, no haunting for me... life's freaky enough already.

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    Lol I promise I won't haunt you......unless you throw out my record collection or something.....

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