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Thread: Why I Stay Home on Black Friday!

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    Exclamation Why I Stay Home on Black Friday!

    It turned out to be a VERY Black Friday for the family of this poor retail worker: Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down - Yahoo! News

    Shoppers go absolutely insane just to save a few bucks! I've heard horror stories from co-workers who have gotten caught up in Black Friday melees before. You wouldn't catch me anywhere near a retail store today. I really feel for the man's family. It was totally unnecessary and I hope what happened plays on those people's consciences who were involved in the trampling.


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    That is the one of the reasons of why I refuse to work in a mall/retail store. Shoppers go crazy, and employees get seriously hurt. Tragic event for his family, friends and co workers.

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    Life lesson that retail teaches you: people suck. That's a terrible thing that happened. I remember seeing the news last year with coverage of all these store mobs trampling people. Scary stuff.

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    The report mentioned a woman 8 months pregnant also being slightly injured, but both her and baby checked out OK by a doctor. That shocked me to read! She wasn't showing too much common sense or welfare towards her baby IMO, being in the middle of that mess this morning in her condition. Hope she didn't feel grabbing a BF bargain was worth risking her baby's life. She's very fortunate a serious accident didn't happen to her, too.


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    Photo Highlight - Yahoo! News Photos

    First photo on their shows a kid in a cart about to be used as a battering ram on the gates of Hell.. Uh I mean Wal-Mart.

    I didn't go this year simply since there's nothing that I wanted or needed. Really think about it before you see any of the black Friday ad's did you really want that item? The chance of you getting that very hot item is very very low. Once you don't get it you go look around for other crap you never wanted until you see those black labeled prices. <_>

    I don't blame anyone wanting a deal but at some point there's a line where it becomes too much of a damn hassle.

    Anyways.. time for a joke.

    "Yo Bob bring that catapult up here so we can fly Timmy into electronics!" (I wish I had a cartoon strip of that.)

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    It seems money speaks even louder than actions.
    The complete disregard by some shoppers for human life is sickening.
    They had to wait in line overnight, so that justifies them not having to leave because of manslaugter?

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    A few stores in Canada are having sales today, but most people don't seem to notice. People don't do black friday here.

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    We do most of our shopping on line. It's so much easier and it gets delivered. I once worked in a big store when I was right out of hs, in the camera dept. There was an old cremudgeon who came in with roles of film to be developed. The other employees told me to tell him that the film would be developed days later than we knew it would. This was because once the developed film was late, not there, in other words, and the jerk chased the counter guy around the store trying to stab him with a knife.l I guess he served a few weeks in jail and was out again. That's part of the problem. People get away with too much crap.

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    I have to go shopping for a Secret Santa thing that we are doing on Friday in a club i'm president of and I have to go to fye I hope it won't be to bad tomarrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incomplete Dude View Post
    A few stores in Canada are having sales today, but most people don't seem to notice. People don't do black friday here.

    Boxing day FTW...actually more like boxing week the last couple of years. I used to enjoy going out on boxing day and getting new computer stuff with my Christmas money, but lately I haven't even bothered. Not worth wasting my day off....although I do need a new mattress.... *ponders*

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