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Thread: Are plastic pants worth it?

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    Default Are plastic pants worth it?

    Well the title says it all really....are they worth getting?
    I would love to buy them and wear in public (over a diaper lol). I mean does it hide the smell? so they prevent leaks? What do they feel like?

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    To answer your questions in a nice manner, they'll be separated.

    Do they hide the smell? They don't "Hide" it as much as reduce it's ability to spread, if you're leaping around, it'll smell about the same. If you stay relatively still, they'll act as another layer to prevent airflow, thus preventing further circulation of the stench.

    Leak Prevention - This is their primary area of focus. Generally, they prevent small leaks well enough(Though, some of the cheap-o brands might not even do that, due to poor elastics). There are also some lined ones, which are basically a very thin all-in-one cloth diaper, and they work extremely well, but once wet, you have to wash them and dry them for a while.(So be prepared to need to go without and/or buy extras with these)

    As to what they feel like, it really depends on the materials used. PUL is what I personally prefer(They're quite durable, and can be dried in a machine), and it's more of a "Silky Rubber" feel to it(Due to it being cloth lined with Polyurethane the inside is like a rough "Linen" feel to it, but not in a bad way). Plain plastic pants(clear and/or tinted) are quite cheap feeling to be honest. Rubber pants work well from what I hear, but they're expensive and harder to maintain.

    To go into the question further as well - I'd personally recommend a pull up style, over those with snaps. They provide better containment generally, and won't pop loose under movement. There's also the "Asian" style, which are snapped, but also have velcro, several of my friends use these, and claim they're on par with pull-ups, with the benefit of being able to change without removing your pants.

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    Hi Kilio. Great info above by Eulogy. Just adding my personal thoughts - the added protection they can provide is not worth the added warmth/sweating/discomfort if you really are moving about a lot. Also chaffing can occur, when used in everyday scenarios. Laying on sofa watching TV, then all good. Should help against smaller leaks.

    I say give them a try. Then you can see for yourself.

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    I tried plastic pants on a couple of days ago. And I found them good only for my bedwetting since they do help with the leaks. Other than that Soakingboy is right; it is really hot and sometimes not very comfy in them during the day and it makes it harder to change if you are out, so I'd avoid that.

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    for disposable diapers, I would say they have no value, but for cloth diapers, they are great, they keep the wee wee in so the diaper can absorb it, they are needed for cloth dieapers. (for the record I am a cloth diaper user.)

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    I use Baby-Pants' "Tuffy" brand and it's great over disposibles. I've had disposibles leak and the leak doesn't go past the plastic pants. Believe it or not, it hides some of the crinkle sounds when I wear outside. The downside, of course, is it hides the crinkles at home too .

    For odor control, like Eulogy and others said, I wouldn't rely so much on plastic pants.

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    You need plastic/waterproof pants with cloth diapers, if you're going to use them. I wore, and used, cloth diaper for years, and had a collection of plastic pants. My choice was a polyester pant, covered with vinyl. When quality disposable diapers became available - Molicare, first, then Abena, and finally Dry 24/7 - I found these to be a better choice for me. The Molicare's and Abena's leaked, especially when sleeping on my side or, sometimes, sitting down. My solution was to get one of my plastic pants, some loose briefs, and wear those over the disposable.

    I found a better solution in wearing a terry-cloth lined plastic pant. Even when the disposable diaper leaked, never once did that leak get beyond the plastic pant combination. Now, even with Dry 24/7, I continue to wear lined plastic pants over them. Leaks are very rare with these diapers, yet I have 100% peace of mind and confidence that my clothes, furniture, and car will not get wet with urine. This is worth the cost and bother to me.

    The combination of a lined plastic pant and Dry 24/7 disposable diapers is the best solution I have found. I am happy with this solution, as happy as one might be. (Free and self-changing diapers are the two improvements yet to be made!) I can use only two diapers per day, and don't have to worry at all about leaks. That's all good.

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    The only plastic pants I wear regularly are the PEVA pants from Baby Pants. I wear them mainly to increase the crinkling sound. The crinkle of PEVA is a lot louder than the crinkle of a typical disposable.

    For leak containment, plastic pants are obviously essential if you're wearing cloth diapers. With disposable diapers, plastic pants can contain small leaks, but not large ones. I feel a bit more comfortable wetting diapers while lying down if I have plastic pants on.

    If you decide to try plastic pants, make sure that you buy a size that's big enough. Plastic pants that are too small can get painful quickly. Measure your thighs as well as your waist. If your thighs are large in proportion to your waist, you may need to order a larger size than you would need based on your waist size alone. I normally wear size M or size L clothing, but I need size 2XL plastic pants to avoid pain from the leg elastics.

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