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Thread: Ever feel 'stupid' for wanting diapers?

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    Default Ever feel 'stupid' for wanting diapers?

    I'm trying to express a 'low' I've been feeling from time to time where it's definitely not a purge coming on, but over the past few days I've been scouting the shelves at a series of neighborhood stores, and between the disgust at lack of anything decent to try and the shops being even more crowded lately, I've left every place without buying anything. There was a pack of 3T-4T training pants in the markdown bin at the grocery store for $2.50, I grabbed them and then a few minutes later I thought they would be a waste of money even at that price so I put them back in the bin.

    I do have a scouting/buying trip to a pharmacy that says they sell Tranquility ATNs, that I'm looking forward to but I'm feeling like if I don't make the run before I run out of generic Goodnites I might lose interest in both the ATNs and in getting another supply of 'the usual', even though I know there I'll be, swooping up another $10 pack of so-so padding to get me through the week, but I'll be damned if they expect me to stand in a line for 15 minutes to get them.

    Tag under 'frustrated' I suppose - what gets y'all out of your rut?

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    A break usually helps me out, when I feel out of it awkward or stupid, I stop and put it away until I'm ready to get back into it again. This includes everything internet and buying items.

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    I wouldn't say I've felt that way since coming out of self-loathing on it. I still laugh at myself for liking diapers but it's a good-natured laugh. I've come to terms with people just being a but nutty with all their disparate drives and if this is what makes it for me, I'm okay. I get my good diapers online and there's no shortage there, so when I look at stores, it's generally just to browse. I keep an eye out for places that sell plastic outer shell Depends, since I like having low-end diapers as well, but I've still got several bags from Walgreen's purge, so it's not pressing.

    I'd be interested in any place that sold Tranquility ATNs, although they clump up too much for my liking. Decent capacity for an inexpensive diaper.

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    Ever since I discoverred the community, I stopped feeling shame over wanting to wear them. And, even then, I had for the most part already reached a point where I didn't care if it was "stupid" or not, as I at one time went to 5 different stores in one night looking for the M/L size Depend 6-tapes. At this point, I don't care if I'm a "freak." I don't care if I "sound like a creep." I know it's disgusting, and I don't care. I keep it to myself and my wife, and only when she is willing. Like Trevor, I laugh and say, "what the @#$% is the sexual part of my brain made of?" "What angel with a sick sense of humor wired me up?"

    You can't help feeling the way you feel, but know this: there are doctors, lawyers, engineers on this site who pad for fun. There is nothing "stupid" about it.

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    I like Tall2826's advice here. If you're tired of diapers for a while, don't force it. As others have said, there's nothing wrong with liking diapers, and it's perfectly OK. But if you'd don't feel like wearing, you don't have to. I like ice cream, but I don't make myself eat ice cream when I don't feel like it. Don't worry about sales - more will come along in a while. You never have to wear or buy diapers when you don't want to.

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    Hello MoPaddED

    This is a good thread question for me at this time.

    I would not say that I am feeling stupid this time. Thanks to this site and myself acceptance. I am definately coming off of this binge cycle and have not been feeling satisfied when I am wearing. I was on a family trip for three days and did not take any supplies along. I did wear the first night we got back. But last night I got up and took off the diaper, and so far I do not have any desire to diaper up anytime soon.

    So I would agree with Tall2826 and a break is a good thing and this time I don't have to go through the whole self mental abuse thing of a purge cycle.

    Good luck.

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    I would love to be able to wear diapers again and not have to worry about money and I'm so desperate to wear a diaper since my money got taken away and I got screwed out my money by my staff!?!
    They control your life by controlling your money. I mean if you don't have money you can't do,buy,make anything without money,So that's I hate it where I live It's a monarchy where they tell you what to wear,what to eat,and what you can buy, and they do it by controlling your money So,I would love to be in situation were my only problems were that I decided I didn't want to buy some diapers on sale!?! I would do anything for diaper now the feeling of the soft warm diaper rubbing my butt and comforting my dick and balls between my legs I would be in heaven you guys that can wear diapers without a second thought you are lucky because were I'm at I don't think I'll be able to wear a diaper again because my staff are tightly controlling my money,so I would love to be your situation where I could wear diapers freely without fear MOPaddED!!!

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    What store is it that says they sell Tranquility...? What city are they in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenalover View Post
    What store is it that says they sell Tranquility...? What city are they in?
    New-life Medical in NB, alas they are closed on Sundays too. Strangely enough I found that MDES store on G-maps today (a tangential rant on marijuana clinics being classified as 'pharmacies' in the works), so being in Westminster they are really close to me so I'll ride there on Monday. I'll be scouting a non-chain pharm in Los Al tomorrow afternoon

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    yes I do but that's is why I order online discretely. But it is more of being lonely as I do not got a boyfriend and I am also to scared to come out of the closet because I fear the people that love will leave me.

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