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    So I'm wondering, are there any tips on mental regression out there?
    I've tried, but I just can't seem to fully get into it

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    Personally I'd say to go with the things that you already naturally regress over. That might not even be diapers. What I mean is, do you get childlike enthusiasm over anything? A new book? Your favorite TV show? Playing a certain video game? Learning new concepts in science or learning about world history? Hearing a certain band? Usually everybody has one thing (or several hehe) that they feel real childlike wonder or happiness or enthusiasm for. Find that thing, and let yourself feel that unbridled happiness and energy, and let it expand from there. Like, learn the feeling, appreciate the feeling, allow yourself to feel it without shame, and soon that can open you up to new ways of experiencing regression.

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    Personally, I find two things really help me regress. One is watching just the right disney and/or dreamworks movie or show, while the other is talking to my big bro Charr on Skype. Both require that I completely relax, and I have found that I can be quite sensitive when I am regressed, and that can lead to not-so-nice results (I literally start crying if I am left for too long on Skype without being warned or brought out of regression, and that can mean just 10 minutes at times. I swear my bro must be really patient haha). That said, I do truly find the feeling of innocence and the unusual purity of emotion that comes with regression to be magical, and would not trade it for anything in the world.

    That of course is just me. Like frogsy said, it all depends on what gives you the feeling of childlike joy or innocence and just letting that feeling spread over you and take over your thought process and actions. There is sometimes necessity to get out of your regressed state, and so you need to find out what your natural triggers are, but overall it is about events/actions that trigger it and your willingness to let it in.

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    Honestly, don't over think it... take your time to enjoy whatever little feelings you have, as Frogsy has said. It does help to try and identify an approximate age that you feel when drawn to regress. I really believe that if this is a part of you it will emerge will tap into what ever feelings and desires lay buried deep in you. Im sure I've always known, but I haven't always allowed myself the time or space in the past to really get in touch with these feelings. Seriously, don't sweat it....this is part of you to enjoy... I mean if this is in fact you. For example, I couldn't imagine ever getting into the kind of headspace that would be required for any other kink, simply because that's not me. I truly believe that this is something very deeply wired in my head that transcends just just happens. Good luck, don't forget your Teddy

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    I never think about it, I let it naturally happen and it is usually when I cuddle with my plushi on a daily basis. It doesn't always happen but I don't try to force anything when I indulge in my AB/DL side. I find that just my bottle and plushi usually do it for me.
    Just find something that you enjoy and that will put you in the mood and you will see that it is not as hard as you think.

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    If you have or had kids. What is the main activity from your childhood that you loved doig and would want to introduce to a child of your own? Maybe revisit that activity?

    As rational adults telling our minds that we want to act like a baby can be viewed from a negative perspective. We have learnt to perceive adults being babyish as a negative thing. However, if we view regression as remembering how to enjoy babyish and childish pleasures it might be easier.

    I'm guessing here as I've never regressed.

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