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Thread: Your favorite Internet browser and why?

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    Default Your favorite Internet browser and why?

    Hi all.

    I have been sticking to the same Internet browser for years.

    I recently tried to convert to Google Chrome but i found it a little buggy on Windows 8 and Netflix will not load!
    No advice solved it and i had to press F11 every second time i booted Chrome to get rid of a blank screen then exit full screen.

    Prior to that i did use Firefox and i will admit there was nothing wrong with it, i just stuck with Opera.

    I have been using Opera for ages, and just prefer the layout with its speed dial and the 'Turbo' feature along with a built in torrent server and proxy.

    All without need of add ons or extensions.

    Whats your favorite and why?

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    I'm with you...I've been an Opera user since the early days when it first came out. It's fast, has lots of features, and just plain works. One of the issues with Opera is that some web games will not work on it, and for those sites I use Firefox, which I like pretty well also. I've tried just about all of the mainstream browsers, but Opera is my first choice, and it just keeps getting better.

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    Eh... well old habits die hard, i'm also used to stick with Opera.

    But i'm also using Chrome from time to time, if i don't want open 20-30 Tabs for something, which i'd like to know or look for, quickly.

    However, i'm using a lot of extensions, the ip tracker is kinda useless, but sometimes it's kinda funny to know, who's on your shoes.
    And a lot of advertising/content/tracking blockers, especially since in germany, it feels like the half of all youtube videos are blocked :'(. And of course i don't need some personalized advertising from google, fb, etc ^_-

    Furthermore, i've enabled nearly all simple integrated banners, small communities/websites need that money, i think.

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    Must be a social thing, I never liked Opera, dating back to the olden days, though it's been so long that I can't remember why - likely site compatibility back in the days when everything was coded to placate IE6.

    I use Firefox for most of my work thanks to the wonderment that is Firebug, and play due to its wide compatibility and extensibility. I've been using it as my primary browser since the days of Firebird, and for the most part have been entirely pleased with it.

    I have Chrome installed on all of my Windows and Android mobile systems and am quite fond of it, but can't justify a permanent move, though I did briefly boycott Firefox during the 4.0 debacle. I even use IE9 once in a while, mostly for testing, and as a relatively stable platform for one of my digital signage applications - it's surprising how well it performs even when you throw loads of dynamically loaded content, videos and images at it over a long period of time.

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    I actually use 3 browsers. IE for abdl interest :P Firefox and chrome for main browsing. Lately I've been moving away from firefox and just using chrome for my main browser and IE for abdl searches. Firefox has a lot of memory leaks and it's not getting any better. Chrome is the most up to date with the use of html5. I use IE only for abdl searches because normally no one uses IE, atleast not on my computer :P

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    I use Firefox for getting on adisc and my Comcast page, and Chrome for everything else. For some reason, Chrome won't remember my adisc password, whereas Firefox does.

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    I have become a big fan of google chrome. on my mac it's easy to switch to incognito mode and I can have a normal mode running at the same time.

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    Before Opera and Firefox got the weird look with that stupid menu and become slower I was a big fan of them both.

    On my Chromebook (obviously) and Android tablets and phones I use Chrome as its made for them and run better than anything else.

    On my main computer I use Maxthon 3 (With Internet Explorer skin - It looks like IE but behaves better) The reason I like Maxthon is that it is built on Chrome but doesn't have all that tracking crap. It also has Flash Player preinstalled with it and auto updates. Flash player runs best in Maxthon than any other browser I tried. I run it on a 733MHz PC and played a youtube video that was smooth in 240 and 360 quality. In IE it was choppy right from 240.

    Give it a try?

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    IE 10 does everything I need it to do, so does chrome. Most of the time I just use IE, but I have chrome installed as a backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBcub View Post
    IE 10 does everything I need it to do, so does chrome. Most of the time I just use IE, but I have chrome installed as a backup.
    Someone like yourself that works with computers using IE surprises me...

    I know Internet Explorer works to a certain extent and doesn't deserve as much hate as it really gets, but just about all other browsers are better. The only good thing it has going for it in my opinion is the convenience that its preinstalled with Windows.

    If you want it to play a flash file it can get unstable, or make the computer much hotter than other browsers would handling Adobe Flash. If you have too many tabs open it will stop responding. If you visit some websites they won't display correctly (My online banking doesn't even let me login with IE)

    The fact that you have Chrome but don't use it as your main browser confuses me. What is it that makes you prefer to use IE over something else?

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