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Thread: Best cloth diaper for me?

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    Default Best cloth diaper for me?

    I am a bed wetter and i wear disposable at night i wanna switch to cloth at night but i wanna know the most absorbancy cloth diaper there is? And also i want one that has Velcro sides so i don't have to use pins and my waist size is 48

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    One of the nice things about cloth diapers is that you can use inserts for more absorbency. The cloth diapers that I make myself have two to four microfiber layers inside, and then I can add more as inserts if I think I need them. As for what kind to get....if you don't want to mess with pins or fasteners than a fitted velcro diaper would be good. There are a number of websites where you can get them. I've used the cloth velcros from Adult Cloth Diaper, and they work pretty well. There are others as well. They are somewhat pricey...I think the ones that I got are about $25 each. That's another reason why I started sewing my own...I spend around $10 to $12 each to make my own. Also keep in mind that cloth diapers, whether you use extra inserts or not, will probably not hold as much as disposables, and that you will absolutely need plastic pants unless you get one with a waterproof outer layer, and even then you'll still want plastic pants.

    There is an article here on ADISC, which has some great information about cloth. Also, there is a group,, where those of us who like cloth talk about cloth diapers. and finally, if you want to take the plunge and make your own, check out the article This article is what inspired me to sew my own.

    I made the switch to exclusively cloth overnight several months ago, and I'm very happy with them. As has been said in other threads, trial and error is probably going to be the rule for a bit. Keep at it, and you'll find something that works. And if all else fails, learn to sew your own. That way you can custom bulid one that works just for you. I have a collection of seven that I made myself, and they work really well. Hope this helps. Good luck in your cloth diaper search!!!

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