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    Default Odd mind/body reaction

    (My apologies if this isn't the right forum; I wasn't sure where else it belonged)
    I noticed a rather interesting mind/body interaction and/or reaction recently, and was curious if anybody else has experienced this at any point.

    I've been unemployed for an extended period of time, and have been applying for some AmeriCorps positions. Due to financial reasons, I've been trying to avoid buying/using diapers. Especially in the case of AmeriCorps positions, where the income is so low, I was thinking of just using cloth diapers for my AB needs, since the income doesn't really allow for diaper budget.

    Not long after I made this decision, I experienced a very sudden onset of bladder control issues, and ordered some diapers because of what I perceived as "need". Interestingly enough, as soon as I received them in the mail, my bladder was back to normal almost immediately.
    Silly mind/body...

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    I haven't experienced that with any of my abs, maybe it is because you long for the feel of the diapers around your middle that your body is yearning for them since you enjoy them very much, but all my abs, who want me to i can make incontinent it takes a while but works hey. i would budget your money to figure it out, i would go to a fabric store and get cloth, it works great and either sew it or tape it to you so you can use it, then the additional plastic pants, depending whether or not you are a side sleeper.

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    I don't know, you'd be surprised by how the body and mind work together. I think they're the same thing after all - the mind is part of the body and the mind is its whole control system. I mean, that's how placebos (like sugar pills) work so well. Some people can actually recover from a real illness by way of a placebo, because the mind can do that kind of thing. And I've heard of other cases - not related to incontinence - where a person's mind can make them suffer from an ailment. Did you know there's this condition where a person believes they are blind? They really don't think they can see - but when a doctor holds up two fingers and asks how many fingers, after a long fight about how they can't see a darn thing, they'll end up saying "two." I mean, holy cow, if the human brain can do that number on a person, I can see how it could fool someone into mild incontinence issues because of a psychological longing for justifiable diapers. It makes sense to me, w3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogsy View Post
    I mean, holy cow, if the human brain can do that number on a person, I can see how it could fool someone into mild incontinence issues because of a psychological longing for justifiable diapers. It makes sense to me, w3.
    It's a good point, Frogsy. I just graduated from a psychology program so, rationally, I should know that, too. The brain is sometimes a weird, often complex organ that I don't think we're even beginning to completely understand.

    I wasn't resolving to *never* wear diapers for the next year (which, as I've experienced it, usually results in massive failure and a lot of tension), but apparently my mind has very specific expectations in terms of use.

    A while ago, I accepted that diapers fulfilled some emotional need, and thus that on some level, I needed them; what was (and is) amazing to me was how quickly the habit/fetish/lifestyle/whatever you want to call it exerted it's own will. All of this makes me wonder where the ABDL thing [mentality? life? mind? lifestyle? fetish?] comes from/originates.

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    There's a type of incontinence caused by stress, and if wearing diapers relaxes you, it would also reduce stress, thus ending your stress incontinence.

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    There's a similar process that happens when people try to quit smoking. They get really moody and irritable and start snapping at loved ones. Eventually a loved one will joke or snap back something along the lines of..."I wish you'd just have a cigarette" or "you're too moody now you're not smoking" and tada there's now more of an excuse to quit quitting.

    Our brains often find ways to give ourselves a reason to do something we really want to do.

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    If wearing diapers relaxes you, or gives you any sense of joy or euphoria, your brain, like mine, and many others here runs on a pattern.

    The pattern I'm talking about is a naturally grained neurological network of synapses. These synapses, based on your thoughts and what visuals you see, can cue the release of good-feeling chemicals like dopamine.

    I can imagine with the stress of being unemployed and having a lower sense of overall financial confidence, your mind would want to experience peace and a joyous feeling. It's only natural for the body to replace stress-induced chemicals like cortisol with dopamine and seratonin.

    The natural coping cycle goes on. Even I am guilty of this.

    So, the mind wants to help the body, but the mind is a double-edged sword and can backfire on itself.

    Try not to worry so much friend, and enjoy diapers in moderation without having to create an atmosphere of self-restriction and denial.

    Best of luck to you in finding more suitable work and a comfortable income in the future.

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