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Thread: Birmingham noob here

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    Default Birmingham noob here

    Well, hi all. [Removed]
    I love film, football and music. I am really in TV.
    I hope to make some new friends and get involved in the site
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    hi i don't live anywhere near you but i am free and available to talk, i wish to become an official member of the site. Please feel free to send back messages

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    Hi Kilio! I'm more DL than AB, but I live in the East Midlands, so not a million miles away. *waves*

    Theres a group set up on here for members from the UK. I'm going to encourage all us UKers to join that so we have our own special place.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilio View Post
    Well, hi all. I live pretty much in Lichfield and Tamworth (in between) and been seeking other Ab's near Birmingham, however, i have never had the courage to well i hope to change that.
    I love film, football and music. I am really in TV.
    I hope to make some new friends and get involved in the site
    Hi there Kilio and welcome to ADISC! It's always super fun to get a new member here, and I hope you enjoy your time here. Though it's most certainly not impossible to meet fellow ADISCers where you live, I just want to give you a gentle reminder that this is a support site, dedicated towards helping wonderful AB's, DL's and IC's out when times are tough. However, that's the very reason why you should totally stick around. When it comes to trying to help you gain the courage to be able to possibly make some good friends in the future, I'm sure many of us would love to do our part to help.

    .... when someone says football, I just realized I'll immediately assume American football. I was going to go on about that, but now I hope I haven't been talking about the wrong type of football to other newbies as well! Oh no! Unless we might actually be talking about the same kind? I don't know. You should tell me more about the football you like either way! What types of TV shows are you really into? I don't watch much, but I'm still curious about the types of things you like.

    Just wanted to touch on the fact that I totally understand what it's like to be shy. My shyness stems from a fear of saying the wrong thing and making people who I really want to be friends with go away... so I would rather just be friends in silent sort of thing, which is a little different then other people sometimes. Still, the feeling of paralyzing fear around other people, and worried they'll think I'm a freaky is pretty nerve wracking. I just want you to know we totally won't think of you like that around here, and you should feel free to even tell us a little more about your experiences as an AB/DL. What got you into this culture and why you feel you are one.

    I hope you have a big fun time, no matter what though.. if you aren't comfortable with sharing a ton yet that's fine!

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