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Thread: sissy plastic pants?

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    Default sissy plastic pants?

    Does anyone know where i can get some sissy plastic pants from?

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    For excellent affordable satin frilly plastic lined diaper cover/panties Wholesale, Diaper Nappy cover items in Adult Baby PVC Boutique store on eBay! has been good to me they tend to hold up for around 2-3 years from my expernice.
    Excellent pul panties Adult Diapers, adult baby items in incontinence pant store on eBay! which you can then cover with any number of femine covers lined or not Such as ones from ADULT BABY SISSY ITEMS, PRAIRIE BONNETS items in icabdou store on eBay!, kdsklosets | eBay, items in Big Tots store on eBay!
    as well as Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products though a bit pricey usually per the quality on their plastic pants but their diapers, and Adult baby clothing such as onesies baby tees etc... are great.
    As well as the others people have listed.

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