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    I came across this article today... some of the pictures in it are a little disturbing just to warn you.

    Nathan J. Winograd: Shocking Photos: PETA's Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies

    I'd heard of PETA euthanizing animals before, but I wasn't aware of the absolute scale of which they carried it out or how against the right to life for animals they actually are. The actions of this organization absolutely sicken me, as an animal lover I just find it completely offensive that they can even claim to be acting on behalf of the ethical treatment for animals.

    I'm curious as to what the ADISC community makes of this, whether there's anyone who actually supports PETA or anybody who wasn't aware of this...

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    Ok going to stick my neck out.

    First I would need to look into the artical more, but it has been experience that the "animal right" organizations have controdictive practices.

    Second, not all of the people involved are like that.

    Third, as a retired reseach biologist, I have seen a lot of the "causes' fabrications first hand, so the content of the report in the artical does not surprise me.

    There is need for regulations, and all kinds of animal use should be questioned. The problem is that humans are involved and who is the ones to deside what is right.

    I used the federal regulations to raise meat animals on my farm for 15 years. I got a lot better growth rates and a high quality product. I eat meat, and I raised meat.
    I have seen a lot of good operations, then I have also seen not so good operations. I also know the regulations and definitions of diferent food classes, and I love it when I ask the definition of free range, and get the answer for cageless or something that is not even close to the regulations.

    So the main point is remember to question everything, and use your own judgement as to what you are willing to beleive.

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    The way I look at it: there's only so much animal life the planet can support. There's seven billion of us, which is a lot for the kind of species we are. There are also a lot animals that we farm for food, and we've increased the numbers of these artificially. Can we really justify keeping companion animals as well? Especially ones which are mainly carnivorous, and in the case of cats will still hunt birds and other wildlife? There are too many cats and dogs. If people want to keep pets that's fine up to a point, but the population has to be managed, and that means some animals must be put down. PETA are hypocrites for not being up-front about what they do, but they aren't wrong to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsClaraRiddle View Post
    The way I look at it: there's only so much animal life the planet can support. There's seven billion of us, ["..."]PETA are hypocrites for not being up-front about what they do, but they aren't wrong to do it.
    I would generally agree with this statement too...
    If more people, would do more conscientious things...such as really getting on-the-ball with population control...of all sorts...that would be the most humane thing to do.

    This wholesale slaughter of unwanted a gruesome fact of supportable 'numbers'...the Earth, does not get larger, or contain more resources, and greater ability to handle wastes...more lives, mean more consumption, more competition, more wastes!

    I believe to...that it may very-well be a significant contributing factor...causing some to attain a sense of total-futility, and may be why the senseless killing, and neglect, and abuses of humans too...seems to be gaining more ground.

    Something has to give...not pretending that everything is infinite...might be a good place to start.

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    It hasn't really been a secret that PETA kills most of the animals it "saves." They're absolute nutjobs. They take the animal rights argument way too far, and if there is any piece of media that shows any sort of damage done to an animal, even if it's entirely CGI or animated, they go batshit insane.

    An example I can think of is the Mario game they created, about Mario ripping off the skin of a raccoon. In the game, you have to chase Mario to get your skin back. The reason they made it? There is a raccoon costume in Super Mario Bros 3. No violence to an animal. Nothing. Not even an animal is show. A tail and ears are shown hanging off of Mario and that's it. PETA is by far one of the craziest group of people out there.

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    Oh the poor furries, they will be cringing at this thread. We do love you all....I'm sure there's no malice toward our furry friends.... but unfortunately, there are so many irresponsible moronic humans in this world, who, if they weren't so moronic, would be more responsible with their pets, and we wouldn't have they disgraceful situation that these organizations are having to deal with. People should have pets if they want them, but be bloody well responsible with and for them...... hugs for all the furries.

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    Well im just glad that peta cant euthanize us furries..... Cuz Im an endangered species!

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    Default re: PETA...

    Yeah, good thing we are human enough they don't. I'm not endangered, but i don't want to die.

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    Wow, now I cant consider PETA that far away from puppy mills.
    Not that I supported them in the first place.

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    Interesting article... The only problem I have is that this is only one source reporting this (that I have seen thus far). I have gripes with PETA over other things but this doesn't seem like it has a lot of credibility to back it up especially since why would they kill all these animals in the first place? Until I find out it's all true, I am going to pray that this is not the case .

    As for the furries in distress, I promise to build a 50s style bunker in my backyard if it comes to the worst.

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