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Thread: Best Stuffers or Liners to buy at stores

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    Exclamation Best Stuffers or Liners to buy at stores

    I have been using Attends Waistband and as you all may or may not know attends waistband leak pretty easily so I was wondering what in store stuffer or liner would be best. (preferably not baby diapers).

    I found these diaper stuffers at Toys R Us, has anyone every used them before.

    Hopefully these will solve my problem.
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    I hadn't thought of ToysRus, that's a good one. Yes let us know how it goes. Personally I was thinking of getting a box of underpads and cutting figure-8 shapes out of the sheet to see if that will help with bad store-bought pullups

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    I've been told that feminine hygiene pads work well if you just poke lots of tiny holes in the plastic liner part. They're probably cheaper than actual stuffers.

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    Not long after I posted, I was en route to a function and curb-scored a bag of pads. When I got back home I cut out a small rectangle quick-style and stuffed it in my Goodnite. Had a chance to test it a minute ago with a small trickle and, hey, not bad

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    Did you notice the diapers in the picture had two tapes on each side. i didnt know toys rus sold diapers for older kids

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    tranquity makes thoes but that do not sell any of there diapers

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    I agree with molicare man,feminine pads make great stuffers i have a bag of always extra heavy overnite size 14+ pads my wife bought and didnt like s i use them as stuffers when i need to wear a thin/cheap diaper or pullup.It kinda wierded me out using my wifes maxi pads at first but like having to wear diapers in the first place you just get over it. also totaldry makes some great flow-thru liners if you want to spend the money bambino and disposable medical express sell them

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