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Thread: How to avoid awkward "smell"

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    Default How to avoid awkward "smell"

    Those people, how wear it 24/7, how do they manage not to let the others 'smell out ' things in public?
    I mean, even if I take a shower every evening, perhaps they can feel it when i go somewhere (especially in a room)? What do you think? should powder help maybe?

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    I know it's a cup of coffee. But there are 12 of them so you should know that I am serious.

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    Point is right. Drink lots. It makes you pee more but it will be more diluted so it wil smell less.

    And shower/bathe at least once a day.

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    I wear 24/7 and the obvious approach is to ensure you change often enough, shower often enough and keep yourself as clean as possible. It also helps to shave your padding area as it drastically reduces the amount of surface area that smells can attach themselves to.

    As a side note - be careful about drinking too much or too little water. It can be very, very bad for you. Just drink a normal, healthy amount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomas93 View Post
    should powder help maybe?
    Hello Thomas.
    In my experience, using powder and wetting over a longer period actually creates a worse odor. I am properly hydrated etc. maybe I am just very strange. Powder for me helps my skin feel fresher for longer in dry diaper, but after I start wetting, does very little positive.

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    I drink a pretty average amount of water, and a little bit of soda. I don't tend to ever smell pee unless I've been asleep for 10~ hours and don't change as soon as I wake up. Messes on the other hand, not so much. If I ever have a day where I just don't trust my stomach I tend to wear a second diaper over the first with no holes poked or anything, simply to make another barrier for odors.

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    I always wear plastic pants and powder to cut down on smells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by analogmedium View Post
    You gotta train in the gravity room.
    Uhhh... what?! (Am I always the last person to get the joke?!)

    I don't wear 24/7, but I do (usually) wear every day.

    Before I leave the house, I always wash the relevant area with antibacterial soap and rinse using the shower head, then run a hot bath.

    A good soaping will hopefully kill any smelly bacteria. And soaking in a hot bath for half an hour (with subsequent soaping and scrubbing all over) will open the pores and (hopefully, again!) get rid of any lingering unpleasantness. Having shaved the short and curlies, I'm silky smooth, which probably helps too.

    Ensuring the area dries out fully before being re-diapered is a good idea.

    Anyway, I certainly hope I don't smell!

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