I've decided to close our minecraft server, due to lack of activity.
It costs $60 a month, and while many have played it, almost all players (including me) have moved on by now. I can't justify spending such a large portion of our budget on something so few people use.

I did send a mass PM to all MC players, asking them if they encountered any issues, and what they would suggest to help revive the server.
Unfortunately, it turns out that most people just naturally get bored of games eventually. It also turns out that there is no agreement about what would bring people back, beyond "more active players".

The most actionable suggestion I got in feedback was replacing our current modpack with something called "Feed The Beast". Unfortunately this would be a large undertaking (we're already short on technical staff), and one that would likely require starting over with a completely new world (erasing all existing builds). While we might get some new players by starting a FTB server, it is likely that we'd also lose a fair few existing players due to the existing world (with its builds) being removed.
So, overall, I don't think reviving it is practical at this point.

So, I'm making the decision to close it.
The last day for the minecraft server will be the 21st of this month - just under 3 weeks from now.