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    Default I'm new!

    Hello everyone, I'm new at using this site so I'm not sure if I'm introducing myself properly. But anywho! I like animals and nice people. I hope we can have some good conversation and I look forward to meeting everyone!

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    Hi Welcome !
    I see you like cats, do you have any pet ?
    Well hope you like this forum

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    Wow, excellent... you're the second person in a row to whose intro I replied, who specifically mentioned niceness... Yes. Adisc values niceness in people, perhaps above all other features of their personality. We care about your personality: far more than say... how you look in a disposable. This sets us apart from a great many of the other sites that cater to the various sorts and flavors of ab and dl who are out there... No, seriously. nd whichever aspects of this you would rather keep private we respect.

    Not meaning to disparage those other sites: they serve a purpose and I am on a few of them also. But none of them succeeds at what they aim to do as well as Adisc...

    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome! Feel free to ask anything to anyone. What are some of your non-ABDL hobbies? Are you a student like a lot of the other members?

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