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    hi y'all. got my kins plastic pants with terry liner and love them but now they need washing. i can't seem to find any cleaning instructions and don't want to ruin them. what detergent should i use and water temperature. i wouldn't think they could be dried in the dryer or could they. thanks again for your help.

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    Depends of the plastic composition. For the detergent I guess a detergent for silk or other delicate clothing would be fine. As of the water temperature, cold is a safe bet. Make sure your detergent is suitable for cold water though!

    And I wouldn't dry them in the dryer. Just hang them somewhere (preferably inside xD) to let them dry, which should be fast since it's plastic.

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    I recently read some plastic washing instruction on some manufacturers page that distinguished between detergent and soap saying don't use detergent. Sorry I don't remember where I read it. Actually I just rinse mine out when I shower.
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    You can call them 1800 number look at web site too no harsh soap i hand wash mine hang to dry.

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    I wash my plastic pants in the shower using dish washing liquid, but yours are terry lined, and that's different. I think you can wash them in the washing machine with the setting on delicate. There are softer detergents for diapers, and then you must line dry them. I use a plastic hanger, putting my plastic pants on the hanger through the leg hole. I dryer will destroy the plastic, unless it's PUL.

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    I put mine in the washer with other clothes and wash them with laundry detergent but I always use warm water as the warm water keeps the plastic soft while it is being agitated in the washer then I hang them to dry and mine seem to last a very long time

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