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Thread: Call of duty 4 pc player??

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    Default Call of duty 4 pc player??

    Any COD4 players here for the PC version? PM me and I will give you my player info.

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    I would, but the leveling system sucks, people always have an advantage over us people, my ping is a bit to high to dominate as much as I should, and I hate servers that ban Grenade launcher, and assorted perks. I hate getting Marytr'd but I live with it. I HATE steady aim, because aiming down a sight should be nearly a requirement for getting a kill.

    MM3 Plays though, ask him.

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    I prefer TF2 or Left 4 Dead. Plus my copy of COD4 doesn't have working online play. ::Raises a Jolly Roger flag onto of his computer::

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    Yes, I do play. Although I won't be active in CoD4 or CoD:[email protected] until I get my new gaming rig sometime late December.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    I would, but the leveling system sucks, people always have an advantage over us people, ...
    This is an illusion. They just have more practice. I dont have any savegames left and could easily kill and level up in huge steps with beginner weapons. Just depends on how you use them. (and no, I dont like playing on noob or mass Servers)

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    Some of the unlockable weapons have a faster rate of fire than the big 50 cal machine gun I like to use, rendering it pretty much impossible to beat them using my lovely machinge gun.

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