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Thread: Texas stores sell abena?

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    Default Texas stores sell abena?

    Does anyone know of any stores in texas that sell Abenas?

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    No. The same selection of lower quality diapers is available most everywhere as far as I've ever seen. Even local medical suppliers don't tend to offer that much more than what you could get at Walmart or CVS anyway.

    The way to get Abena and other high quality brands in the US has always been to order online. Fortunately, we have the better pricing and selection in the US than almost any other country. XPMedical is the consensus best supplier for Abena.

    I think the thing to realize here is that high-end diapers like Abena's offerings are niche even among people using them for actual incontinence. Most incontinent people have some good reason or another not to prefer a more expensive diaper you stay in for half a day through multiple wettings. For a product like an M4 to be preferable, you'd have to be otherwise able-bodied and trying to do other activities that it's inconvenient to interrupt, not mind being wet, and caring for yourself rather than being provided for by a professional caretaker required to change you immediately if you're wet. Most incontinent adults are elderly and don't meet all of those criteria.
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    That's who I order from. The best diaper I have seen is the molicare sold from some houston, tx medical supply stores.

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