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Thread: I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

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    Default I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

    Everytime I go on a road trip such as going from Dallas to Houston, I always pullout my iphone and key in "medical supply" or "pharmacy". In the middle of nowwhere, google maps always identifies a small town pharmacy or medical supply near the surrounding small towns. I actually take the time and detour to walk into those stores. First, I get the excitment of driving to my destination such as Houston to visit family and friends. The, I get a double dose of butterflies whenever I walk into some random small town pharmacy to go up to the counter and ask for adult diapers. It's so adventurous! Such as today, I walked into a pharmacy in coriscana, tx on the way from dallas to houston on Interstate 45. When I entered the store, there was a middle age lady that quickly walked out from behind her desk and asks "Can I help you with something?" Immediatley, I ask if they sell adult diapers, and she said "we sure do..., what size are you needing?" Immediately, I respond with " waist size is medium" At that instant, you can tell from her facial expression she showed empathy and understanding since I'm not the usual senior citizen customer that asks for adult diapers. Mind you, this is a small country conservative town. Well, she goes to the back and comes out with a clear plastic bag of white diapers, and she says "these are mediums and they are the briefs with the tapes not the pull-ups". For some reason, all the small town pharmacies always have the Depend pullups or the cheap Prevail IBF fullmat adult diaper. As I paid at the cash register, I told her "I still can't believe I wet the bed at this age." Suddenly she responds with a soft concerned voice "Don't think that way honey..." Then I walk out of the store still with butterflies in my stomach, and I drive off back on to the highway with my new cheap prevail plastic backed diapers sitting on my passenger seat. Randomly, when big 18 wheelers drive right beside my tiny honda car, I always see the drivers stare down at curiously look at my diapers sitting on the passenger seat since the truck drivers are so high up. Road trip excitments!!! Share your stories guys!!!

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    So small pharmacies carry the real diapers in the back and you have to ask for them?

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    it depends, they usually have size small on display or size large....then i always ask for mediums....most often at times, they have to grab the mediums from their storage maybe from a box of bags of diapers.

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    I do the same thing! The only difference is I am looking for plastic pants; very specific ones that are usually "new-old stock" and can only be had from these old, family-owned, small town pharmacies. They've usually been sitting on the shelf for decades. They were snap-ons made by Duro-Med Industries (DMI) and are the plastic/rubber pants I remember from when I first got into diapers many years ago. They are very sturdy, have stiff and noisy (but soft), thick plastic insides and are very roomy. I'm wearing them right now! I remember buying my first pair from the pharmacy in my home town. I hid them in the drop ceiling so my parents wouldn't find them. [removed]
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    Default I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

    I did this once. I genuinely wanted to see what kind of diapers I could get through them. I went in and asked about adult diapers and of course she pointed to the Prevail pull ons sitting on the shelf. I told her those didn't work for me and I was looking for tape on diapers. She said she would go look and see what she had. I a few minutes she came back out and asked me to come back with her. In the back was another lady that worked there and she had a Kendall Wings diaper opened up. She asked if that was what I was looking for and I said it was. I asked if they had any others and she said just different sizes. They had lots of types if pull ons and a couple types of youth diapers back there. That whole stock room was full of diapers. I bought a pack of the Kendalls since they were so helpful and courteous and I took up some of their time.

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    I try to explain to these small pharmacies and medical suppliers that if i wanted depends or the other cheap garbage i would just go to Walmart.
    And i explain that many active men don't like the pull ons because they they are almost imposable to change in restrooms and barely hold for one use without leaking.
    I finely got one to carry Prevail PM extended wear. and they don't understand why they can not keep them in stock as they sell out as fast as they get a shipment.

    They were told by there suppler that they were too expensive and did not sell.
    But since they are the only place for 150 miles that sells any good adult diapers people are traveling to them for the product.

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    TBH, I would melt down, And feint. How the hell did you find the courage to just ask like that. Dangg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddlzy View Post
    TBH, I would melt down, And feint. How the hell did you find the courage to just ask like that. Dangg
    All in your mind. If you can condition yourself to be more confident and realize they're used to it then it's easier. Many people on here are scared others will see their diaper in public however I walk out in much thicker stuff than the usual person on here just fine. No one stares and no one cares to stare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddlzy View Post
    TBH, I would melt down, And feint. How the hell did you find the courage to just ask like that. Dangg
    for me it helps that i am 62 and the store people think they understand.

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    Dallas TX huh,boy i miss that place went into a drugstore in farmers branch last year because i needed a change and forgot to bring extras anyways i asked for large adult diapers and they took me in the back where they had a plethora of different diapers and a bunch of old school goodnites from 2001in xl size so i bought 3 packs of goodnites and a pack of unbranded large adult diapers. i love old mom and pop stores of any kind

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