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Thread: Does anyone in here shoot guns??

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    Default Does anyone in here shoot guns??

    I have been looking at some shotguns, and I saw that magpul joined forces with remington and they created the magpul 870 remington shotgun. looks ergonomically sound! I heard that just firing one round of a 12 gauge 00 buckshot equates to shooting 9 projectiles with the equivalent caliber of a 9mm. aaamazing!

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    I like putting holes in paper with my dad and his Glock. I'd like to try my friend's AR-15 22 mil. Never tried a shotgun, but really want to try skeet shooting. But this isn't supposed to be a "for or against" gun control thing, is it?

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    I own 4 firearms personally, out of the 14 we have in our household.

    I've seen the magpul version of the 870, IMO it just looks fancy and most standard shotgun configurations work just fine. Probably quite a bit cheaper too. As far 00 shells go, they're loaded with something like 9 .33 cal projectiles that leave the muzzle at roughly 1200 fps. They aren't going to be as big as a 9mm but they will still do a lot damage.

    Shooting is kinda my thing. I have a real gift for it apparently...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambusa View Post
    But this isn't supposed to be a "for or against" gun control thing, is it?
    Lets just try to avoid that this time around...

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    i like the larue predatAR chris costa version. chris costa explained that out of either a carbine, shotgun, or pistol...that he would go for a pistol...then, they asked for which caliber..he says he would go with a 9mm. He justified his reasoning as in a shotgun config its not as manuevaerable due to its legal barrel size limit of 18 inches ,on the ar carbine he says he really would not have that just lying around and plus the barrel length is 16 inches. He said that his glock 19 with a surefure light and a standard 17 round magazine would suffice. The recoil and followup shots of 9mm is balanced and that the short length of a glock 19 is easily manuevuerable with one hand if he has to carry one of his daughter with the other hand. But every picture I see, he always shoots with an M&P 9. What are your thoughts?

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    Default Does anyone in here shoot guns??

    I've got about 14 guns right now. Pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Some for deer hunting, some for duck hunting, some for fun and some for protection.

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    I once shot some guns. I went pew pew at some cans, and it was kinda fun. The um.. feedback, I think it's called? Or something, whatever it is that makes you jerk back when you shoot totally threw me off, but I managed to hit a few from a distance after a while of practicing. I can see the fun in that sort of thing, it's like archery.. it's a game of skill.

    I don't own one myself though, and don't plan on doing so.

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    I am an avid gun enthusiast. Shooting 12 gauge 00 buckshot is fun and if I recall correctly you're shooting eight or nine .32 caliber pellets which coming out of an 18" barrel at about 1200 fps I can imagine will be felt by the target. Also if you don't hold the shotgun just right it can leave a nice bruise on your shoulder. I'm more of a pistol and rifle kind of guy though and love shooting my Colt 6920 AR-15. I don't want this turning into a gun control debate either. I'm always up for showing off my guns too!

    I have more but these are just a few

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    That ruger is quite pretty. I own a few guns myself. A '65 Wingmaster, with an 18.5 inch barrel i put on it. a few old .22 rifles, a Marlin and a Springfield 87j. and of course a few handguns, a Ruger P98, a CZ-75B, and a Colt 1911

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    I have experience, but it's not something I've done in quite a while..that is a 'pretty' Ruger! 'We' carried, while working remote security details in outer rural areas (glock-9mm)...I'm not an enthusiast per-si...I 'carry' a hammer when doing carpentry, a wrench when doing automotive, and a DMM when diagnosing electrical...but I have to say, I don't know any hammer enthusiasts ;-)

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    I have not shot a gun in 7 yrs., and have not done target shotting in I cant remember. I still have fond memories of being knocked on my ass when I shot my dads 16 gauge for the first time. My dad laughed that time. The first time I shot at targets was when I was almost 4. NOBODY was hitting this swinging beach bottle full off sand, I stood between my dads legs holding this CO2 pellet pistol on my hip. I swung my hip side to side in time with the target and I hit it three times in a row. My Mom and Dads boss were laughing so hard, and my dad grabbed the gun from my hands saying "give me that before up hurt someone".

    My dream for now is to get a 44 cal sharps and matching pistol. Just because of my love of Loius L'amore westerns. I have even been to Papago wells and Indian wells, and other parts of Arizona and New Mexico that her wrote about.

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