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Thread: Does anyone else's partners do this?

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    Default Does anyone else's partners do this?

    My husband isn't ABDL and doesn't really roleplay with me or ageplay with me. He isn't against me using my paci in his presence and I recently found out he's not even against me wearing diapers in his presence. He told me he was just unsure about if there would be 'number two' involved, and I assured him there wouldn't be! I rarely even go number one in my diapers.

    Anyways, all that being said, with a partner who doesn't really ageplay or have his own ABDL fantasies, whenever I am very upset or sick, he instinctually babies me. He'll bring down my pillow and my blankie, my teddy bear, he'll find my paci. He'll put on movies that I like to comfort me.

    First of all I know I must have a very empathetic and caring husband. Of that I'm very grateful! But I was wondering if he's trying to tell me he doesn't mind participating and doesn't know how to unless I need attention. To make matters more unclear - he's not good at initiating ('normal') sex either. He's a bit shy about it, and sometimes will almost schedule it with me, like "Hey, um, so like tonight, if you want, if you want..." and so on. That's lucky if he does that. Normally I have to initiate.

    Do you guys think my partner is trying to tell me he'd participate in mild nonsexual ageplay? Or is he just being really sweet and trying to help me when I feel bad? It kind of makes me want to fake feeling bad when I want to be babied! But that's awful, lol, I can't do that to the poor guy.

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    not touching that one with a stick lol.

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    not touching that one with a stick lol.

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    ?? Okay, then. If someone wants to tell me what I said wrong, I'm open.

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    My wife isn't big into "participating," but she fully supports me. Any time I am really really upset she offers me a diaper (like when my dog died). She rarely does this, but when she really wants to make me feel better, that's the first thing she goes for.

    And I have no idea what you said wrong.

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    Hi. I dont think you said anything wrong. Its just a touchy subject.

    My wife is very supportive, but there are definately boundries that we have talked about, and other gray areas that we are working on.

    As for the being sick and getting pampered, IMO, thats just eing a good spouce.

    As for the other part, uhm, IMO you might consider councilling, and I WILL leave it there.

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    My wife does the same I had a terrible/busy work week so right before I was to get off work yesterday, she called and told me I was to be in a diaper with binky before I came to bed. We're very lucky to have these awesome people who love us as is.

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    Yeah seeing that some of your non-ABDL partners do similar things I am starting to think it's just kindness, which is awesome of course. Normally non-ABDL people are soooo weirded out they would *never* participate in even getting someone a teddy bear or whatever. So I'll take what I've got and maaaaybe at some point I'll ask if he wants to ageplay a tiny bit, but for now I'll take the comfort when I need comforting. When he's upset I do things he likes, like put on certain albums and make him a cup of cocoa or a special dinner. So yeah, I think it's just empathy, but my mind is all crazy and reads into things a lot.

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    I'm the king of reading into things. I might as well be a girl. My wife constantly tells me that she is the man and I'm the woman in the relationship (LOL). It is all about kindness, as you said. Without love, there would be no toleration for AB/DL'ism. Thank God for LOVE.

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    I would say kindness. But I have some questions like how ling have been married? How old are you both? How long have you been in diapers in then your marage? Is he a slow to temper type of guy? And have you talked to him about his fantisys?

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