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    Hello I'm sulqy and I'm a transitioning soldier trying to make the best of my military experience. I'm the type of person that never let childhood end, I still enjoy being outdoors on hikes and swimming and such. If i happen to be at home I enjoy killing time on any of my video game consoles, I have always been a Nintendo fanboy but I still enjoy ps3 and Xbox. I enjoy wearing diapers around the house to feel little again, my favorite are the cloth covered cushiness at this time. I joined this forum to be more social without having to feel like I'm gonna be discovered and shunned for my tastes. This is the first forum I join and I'm really looking forward to talking to other gamers here. Waddle on

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    First off; thank you for your service and welcome!

    My heart has a soft spot for the Atari 2600, though at the moment all I have is an emulator on the PC, I would love to find an original "Sunnyvale" console some day.

    When I spend good time outdoors I enjoy camping and exploring. At home I'm either welding something or conducting small engine experiments, playing with my 2 grey 'tiels or laying down a drum or guitar track in a wooden shed. I do more than that but 2 of my major special interests are machines and music - this past week it's been a lot of Frank Zappa.

    I'm glad you found this site; I've been here a short time myself and I've learned a lot in a brief stretch, so to speak. It's great that you get to wear leisurely at home, I have very rare times when I have the entire house to myself, but the other day I had a few spare moments so I was able to go out into the backyard in just a T-shirt and a Goodnite. It was awesome!

    Welcome aboard the houseboat, and by the way I really liked your last line. Waddle on, indeed

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    Thank you for the warm welcome MOpaddED. The 2600 was a great platform, I happen to be a huge fan of the snes and the games I grew up playing on it. I really enjoy those times when I'm home alone, sometimes I enjoy wearing a t-shirt and cushies on my balcony and see traffic pass by. they can't see me thought, there a wall of plywood hip tall that covers me from the world. I love it

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    No problemo! I did my share of early 90s systems and play the occasional round of Guitar Hero with my brother (even though I'm more accustomed to actual strings and frets). There is something relaxing about balconies isn't there? Especially with a pitcher of a cold drink and meat on a grill. The next best thing I have is a redwood swing on the patio overlooking the swimming pool and a fire pit I made out of an old lawnmower. It's nice but there is no traffic passing below for me to wonder who's driving by in a diaper!

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    Hi, Sulquy117 and welcome to the forum. It's great that you're young at heart inside.

    I don't know about you, but when I get old, I'm going to keep having fun! I'll never "act" old if you know what I mean.

    Well, feel free to ask questions and join in on discussions. We'd love to hear your input on topics.

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