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Thread: Well um....

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    Default Well um....

    Well today I decided to shave down "their" and now it hurts. Is this normal? How long should the pain last?

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    I may not be a doctor, but shaving generally isn't supposed to induce pain; unless you cut yourself. If the pain persists you should tell your mom, dad, or doctor. Maybe your blade found a sensitive area. In any case, pain in general should wear off in a few minutes unless you really screwed up; which in the case of a razor, is highly unlikely.

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    Okay I applied some lotion witch seemed to help. However there is no way I am going to tell my parents I am a guy and most guys dont shave down there. I jsut did because I am a tb.

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    You probably just got razor burn. That's normal when you shave someplace new. In fact, you probably got something similar on your face the first time you shaved. Add to that that the skin down there is even more sensitive, and it's not hard to see why it happens. Just give it some time and it'll go away. If you keep shaving it the skin will toughen up and it won't happen so much anymore.

    Granted, that's from shaving my face. I've never shaved down "their".

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    Chevre is right, it's just because you're new to shaving down there...It shouldn't last more than a day, and if you shave there a bit more regularly, your skin will toughen up...I can actually say this from experience...I don't know how accurate you are on saying most guys don't shave down there though...There are plenty of reasons other than being a TB to shave

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    Correct Pojo, I shave down there because I think it's just part of being clean and I feel clean after I do it.

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    I don't know about hurting being normal, but I know it is going to be itchy as hell when it grows back in.

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    by any chance did u dry shave??? make sure u use plenty of moisteriser. and its not just abs/tbs who shave down there!! ladies love a well trimmed man dont you know!

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    When I first shaved down there, it itched for 2 or 3 days, and since then nothing. I don't do anything special or use any special cream. I certainly don't follow any of the tips on the internet, except for using a proper razor. Works for me.

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