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Thread: akward situations

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    Default akward situations

    lately ive ran into alot of people buying adult diapers and i must say that it gets very akward becase no matter how hard you try you cant help but to keep on glancing at hoever is buying them. it is more akward for me than it probably is to them. recently i was with my parents and we ran into this lady they both know and we ran into her at a store and she just happened to have a bag of depends in her cart and it was real akward for me. share your stories

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    Oddly, I can't recall seeing anyone buying adult diapers. Someone other than me must be buying them, but right now I can't prove it. Maybe a stakeout is called for.

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    I used to work in a large store similar to Wall-Mart. I always had an eye on the goodnites isle and the adult diapers isle.
    I saw a couple of moms buy goodnites XL with older kids present. The adult diapers where crap, and few people would buy them.

    I was doing security and I was working with the cameras. I had all the leasure to zoom in on people and check them out. I saw one girl, maybe about 10 years old, that I'm pretty sure was wearing a pullups. She was with her mom and they where buying the goodnites XL. She did not look special needs, though she never talked and just followed.

    When I buy in stores, it sometime happen than I spot someone that want to buy diapers too. A strange process begin with everyone circling the diaper isle and one at the time, we make our selection and GTFO. hehe.

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    I have never seen anyone buying adult diapers, but the aisle is usually well picked over, especially in drug stores especially when they're on sale. I was pricing some attends in Wal-Mart the other day and happened to look behind me and caught a lady (attractive, too!) looking at me. She quickly looked away when I saw her, so I wonder...Was she a DL? Was she curious if I was buying them? As mentioned before in other posts, too bad there isn't a sign, signal or some secret dialogue to find out about others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    Maybe a stakeout is called for.
    Ha ha, I can just imagine you waiting next to the exit in a trenchcoat and glasses

    "Nothing suss here, move along."

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    Default Re: akward situations

    When i buy diapers i feel like i should be in a trench coat and sunglasses.

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    I have to say, I've never ever seen anyone buy adult diapers. But then, the people who need them probably get them delivered by the NHS. Apart from crappy Boots own-label ones (now re-branded Attends), I'd only ever seen adult diapers in one chemist's until very recently. Maybe one day we'll be able to buy them in supermarkets!

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    I've seen maybe one person buy depends but she was an older lady and any notion of ABDLism was quickly gone. And I've seen a few moms buying goodnites but no children present. Lord knows if I was a bedwetter I would NOT want to be around when my mom was buying my 'diapers'.

    Although, I can't help but glance into people's carts to see what they're buying. And if I see the tell tale pack of any kind of diaper in the cart, I can't help but stare at the pack rather than the person.

    Perhaps that's why we get strange looks and attribute it to people judging us when we buy diapers at the store. Maybe they're just jealous ABDL's lol
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    I did see a youngish woman buying a couple of packs of adult nappies and some bed pads in Boots recently, may well have been for a sick or elderly relative but she had a young child with her so could have been one of those women left in nappies after giving birth, who knows... had a long coat on so no way of telling if she might have been wearing one.

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    Over here in Cape Town i have seen many people buying Adult diapers and nobody looks at them strangely.
    However i get jealous.

    I saw a middle aged lady get off the train with a grocery bag with some cheap 'Comfrey' brand diapers.

    A man and his son went to a major supermarket and the only thing that was in the trolley were Tena pants and bread.

    At the same store at the restaurant in the middle of the supermarket another elderly lady and her younger daughter had a big pack of diapers in the trolley.
    In a upmarket mall another lady was on the phone the entire time she was at the diaper isle and took a big pack of Molicare super plus to the tills.(I use that technique now!)

    It gets better!

    Approximately a year ago my wife, myself and a friend were walking down toward a local Sunday flea market, and a man who left the flea market walked away with a see-through bale of what looked like 200 adult diapers.
    They were not premium but had nice colorful designs on them and were big, not baby diapers.

    I looked away then looked again and he was casually smiling as he walked away, i figured he was a ABDL because he looked proud and could see a was shocked at the sighting.

    I do not believe in coincidences, because all these sightings have been in the two years i have actively been DL, and all of this has happened since then including working at old age homes and having to move bales of adult diapers to do our job plumbing or at a diseased estate, where the person passing on left bags of Prevail/tena pants and bed pads.
    I worked in a home where i had to clear out a cupboard for painting and i moved a massive pack of those thick green Euroform diapers.
    I couldn't take my eyes off the size of the bale and the thickness of those things.
    I still really want to try those one day...

    The real irony is that the binge purge cycle that initially happened in the first 9 months of my DL'ism discovery 5 of these incidences and sightings happened.

    Prior to this i always wanted to see adult diapers up close or see somebody buying them and i never in the 29 years of life saw it.

    I know its hard to believe but i swear by my marriage and my God this is the truth.

    What does that mean?

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