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Thread: A little Mule Trivia

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    Wink A little Mule Trivia

    Just some fun, "Mule Trivia" by Cowboy

    I recently had a conversation with someone about how awful some people can be and the comment came up that "Yeah, sometimes people can act like real Jack asses". I jokingly said that, "As a cowboy, sometimes I have to deal with a lot of Jack asses, since my neighbor raises mules." This statement led to a longer conversation, and some interesting trivia which after sharing it with my friend, I thought others might have fun with here.

    When I said my neighbor raises mules, he does raise mules, but this is accomplished through male donkeys (or asses), which are actually called "Jacks" or "Jack asses" and a regular horse. The way you get a mule is to breed a male "Jack" donkey (ass) with a female horse (mare). The resulting offspring (foal) is a mule. Sometimes mules are referred to as "Jack asses", but that really isn't a correct term since it is appropriately applied only to male donkeys (Jack asses).

    If you breed a female donkey "Jenny" (or "Jennet") with a male ("stallion" or "stud") horse, then the offspring is called a "hinney" or "hinny" instead of a mule.

    Mules do not have offspring, as they typically are sterile. Sometimes it is possible for a female mule, a "Molly", to have offspring, but this is uncommon. Male mules, called "Johns" do not have offspring. This is due to the fact that donkeys have 62 chromosomes whereas horses have 64. When bred, whether a "Jack" ass and a mare horse; or a "Jenny" and a stud (stallion) horse; the resulting offspring has 63 chromosomes and results in an incomplete reproductive system.

    So, yes my neighbor raises mules, but when I said that the foals grow up to be "Jack" asses, that really wasn't correct. The father was the "Jack" ass and the mother a mare. The offspring will either be a "Molly" (if female), a "John" (if male), or if the mother was a female donkey (ass) "Jenny" and the father a stud (stallion) horse, then you will have a "Hinney" instead of a mule.

    I hope that makes everything completely clear.

    Just a bit of equine trivia for when you are upset with someone who is acting like any of the above described.

    A quiz will follow.

    My 200th Post - Wow!!!

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