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Thread: What do you do for Christmas?

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    Post What do you do for Christmas?

    Hey everybody the holidays are coming up. I don't mean to be personal or anything but i was just wondering what everybody is going to be doing this fun and festive season from vacations to traditions.

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    I go to my Gramas.

    Depending on my work schedule, I may head up to Toronto and St. Catherines to visit some friends.

    Also, I'm off school from the 24th until the 2nd of January.

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    Same thing I did on thanksgiving, Nothing and a little later in the day, more nothing.

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    On Christmas we get up early and open presents!
    Then we eat! Where we eat changes year to year, but often we eat at my Grandma's house.
    This year however we're having a meal out at the restaurant where I used to work, which will be fun because it'll be nice to be eating the food and making the mess, rather than cleaning it.

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    Avoid the world and try to forget the horrors of childhood holidays past.


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    Normally I go to my mom's on the coast of Oregon. However this year I opted out of that since I already been up to Oregon once this year for my brother's wedding and I was going to spend summer with my mom at the coast. That didn't plan exactly out but I brought all my stuff with me since my mom didn't bother to tell me and said she found out (::cough cough:: changed plans) AFTER I left for Oregon.

    So the main reason is I don't want to go since she changed her summer plans thus running mine. Plus my dad has already driven up there and back twice this year. The first time a few days after new years day to pick me up from last years Christmas. Plus since I left my mom quit her only job and her household is hurting for money.

    So yeah. <_>

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    Go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, go to bed, have presents, mom goes to work, I play with my presents.
    700th POST!

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    Here goes.

    On Christmas Eve Eve (Dec 23) a couple of my brothers make a big breakfast for the family. That evening we get together with finger foods, and such and open our presents, it takes hours (20+ people opening presents ranging in age from 6 to 93).

    On Christmas Eve we have our family feast, the aforementioned 20+ people, this is an all afternoon until late night family get together.

    On Christmas Day, those of my siblings with their own families generally spend the day with their families, the rest of us have a Christmas Dinner in the early afternoon. Then I drive home and unpack, take a nap and go to work.

    I mentioned over Thanksgiving that for Christmas 2009 we will be opening presents in January.

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    Same thing I've done since 1998. Get DRUNK. I drink a lot of beer on Christmas Eve and all I do Christmas Day is SLEEP. I HATE Christmas, and all it does is remind me of a special friend of mine and one VERY bad Christmas in 1996.

    I was MISERABLE at my last family Christmas, 1997. I had to be in a car at 430 in the morning to go to North Central Ohio to my Grandma's so my mom and dad could go to church and all I wanted was to SLEEP. I was miserable that whole day.

    I went to the gas station that night after I got home, and got plastered on some cheap-ass beer. Every year, all I do is watch "CHiPs", old Cleveland Browns football games, and so forth. I HATE Christmas.

    All I do on Christmas day is think of a friend of mine in Texas and what she went through on Christmas Eve, 1996. I was the only one there for her, and let her stay with me til she could get to Boston that week. Two words, CHRISTMAS SUCKS.


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