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Thread: Doctor Who new season

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    Default Doctor Who new season

    Who watched it?

    Without giving away any spoilers I'll just say that I liked it, although I did wonder if it was maybe written originally for Torchwood. Clara's role would have suited Gwen much better.

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    I did, I need to watch it again, my sister spent the episode hypothesizing about which bits of it made Oswald 2 other times, and I didn't get to analyse it for myself, but I like the new desktop theme, very timelordy, and I'm sort of convinced this might be the 'first' Oswald, and the other two either came after this one, (clones of some sort?) or in the case of the darlek is the same Oswald just at a different point in time with a memory wipe, after all she doesn't remember before the crash, and the doctor might have had to use her to preserve his own timeline.

    I'm not sure yet, but as always I'm going to watch every episode (a few times) to see if I can spot everything, though Moffat isn't as subtle as Davies with the hints at the overall picture. Should be another good series although I have a funny feeling that number 12 will be spending time with Oswin, cause she seems like a keeper, and Smith has done 3 series (1 series and 4 half series) now over the past 4 years, and I don't see him doing much more because Tennant only really did 3.5 series (3 series and a bunch of specials) over his 5 years.

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    watched today :-) pretty good! Thought it was on form, though anything involving *ahem* 'hacking' in made-for-TV scifi requires me to suspend a ridiculous amount of disbelief (I know I know, the show involves a time lord and an inter-dimensional police-box, sue me!)

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    I liked it, but as you said it seemed a little more, I dunno, not completely Dr. Who I guess. I didnt watch much of Torchwood. Regardless I am really looking forward to seeing where they go with the new companion. Ive seen rumors all over that he current Dr. is leaving before Christmas, after Christmas or not at all yet, but Oswin seems like a keeper so it will be interesting to see how they explain her twice dead thing.

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    yeah, i watched the newest episode. I must admit that whilst i enjoyed it, at the end of the episode i felt lie something was missing. Not sure what it was. I definitely felt like the idea for the episode could have been extended but maybe for me the ending of the episode came too quick ... either that or the fact that it really left me questioning a few things after the episode (i.e. i dont feel that the episode was well resolved).

    Otherwise, i thought it was a great episode. Loved the link with the title of the episode and the first few minutes thought that was kind of funny and clever.

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    I've never seen this's really never appealed to me!

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    I'm bored of Doctor Who, Amy Pond and Rory were a good match and I'm not invested evnough for this new girl to keep watching.

    I liked the idea of the wi-fi episode but even that I quit 20-25 mins into. The Silence and Weeping angels, etc were better now it just feels like they don't know what to do.

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    I disagree. I thought tonights episode wasn't too bad with the ice warrior. I would have likeda bit more action tho. Other than that i thought it was quite good.

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    Strangely, unlike what most of the fans are saying on the doctor who subreddit.

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    I'm really hating on the new series!! I really enjoyed the first episode, but the two since then I've ended up turning off mid-way through!

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