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Thread: Baby Lotion?

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    Default Baby Lotion?

    Havent posted in a long time but i cant find any information on this.

    Where does baby lotion come into play as far as diaper changing goes? Can you use it instead of powder? or is it strictly not meant for the diaper area?

    I mean i know you can put it on after a shower but do you put it on "down there" where the diaper will be? I love the smell of lotion and i wanna have an excuse to use it XD

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    I think it's an either / or kinda thing. Who says you can't use both :0. I love the smell of lotion and I can only imagine how sensual it must be when someone else is rubbing it in but that's something I have yet to experience.

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    I read somewhere that it can turn your diaper into sandpaper if you use both powder and lotion lol, just dont wanna wake up or end up with a rash because i used lotion when i wasnt supposed to :P lol

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    I'm no expert in that area, but I would guess that a wet diaper plus wet lotion could lead to a bad diaper rash. I would only use powder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ObsoleteBaby View Post
    I read somewhere that it can turn your diaper into sandpaper if you use both powder and lotion lol, just dont wanna wake up or end up with a rash because i used lotion when i wasnt supposed to :P lol
    Yeah, that doesn't happen. Anyways the lotion will act as a barrier same with the powder. Diaper Rash happens with any one of these 3 irritation, something with urine and ugh fecal matter.

    Baby lotion and powder both as a barriers and cut down on irritation.

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    I use baby lotion, wait for it to dry, and then apply the baby powder
    that's how your supposed to use it, it dries and makes a barrier.
    the baby powder keeps the skin dry, baby lotion keeps in the moisture, so it's all good.
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    when i change i use baby lotion instead of powder as i find that the lotion works way better then powder. For me, since i have used baby lotion i have never had diaper rash from staying in a wet nappy too long (i.e. going to bed in a wet diaper and waking up in the morning without any irritations). Based on my experience, baby lotion works better for me (may be different for other people) and i found that using both baby lotion and powder ended up being too much of a mess (because i put tons of lotion on so its not like it would just dry off).

    Try different combinations and see what works for you. If you can wear a diaper and not end up with a rash then it is definitely working for you ... if not, you might need to change things around.

    And in response to the part about you asking about whether it is not meant for the diaper area, baby lotion is really not that different from any other moisturiser (besides the fact that it has a very babyish smell) so it can be used without any real problems at all on any part of the skin.

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    I sometimes put conditioner in my ballon diaper, and it smells wonderful!

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    I use baby lotion in the morning when I come out of my shower. It's dry before I put on a diaper. I'll use baby powder when putting on my diaper.

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    I used to put lotion on when wearing a diaper, but feels I don't anymore.

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