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Thread: Driving at Night?

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    Default Driving at Night?

    Does anyone use their binky when driving at night? Can you be seen even though one doesn't have tinted windows? I've always wondered if I can do this without being seen.

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    I'd think I'd get distracted from the road.

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    At the last "littles get together" I was at; a daddy talked about seeing a driver with his/her paccy.. So apparently this is something people notice...

    But: I think the bigger issue is do you care? And if you care about being seen.. Then I wouldn't

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    i do it helps me drive better.i did it today for the first time i was nervous when i started my drive the sun was setting so it was still light enough out to see then at nite i only took it out when i got home.

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    For stuff like this you just gotta adopt the ''I don't care" attitude... there was a time when I wouldn't even suck my thumb in the car if my face wasn't covered, but those days are long gone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    It makes me sleepy
    So no
    Like myself. And really wanna not be stoped by the cops and be asked for alcohol/drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paciloverbaby3 View Post
    Does anyone use their binky when driving at night? Can you be seen even though one doesn't have tinted windows? I've always wondered if I can do this without being seen.
    Not being an AB myself, so not having any desires to use a binky anyhow...

    but I drive, like, a lot. I do make between 45'000 and 80'000 km a year (business & private).... and have been doing so for a rather long time.
    That figure doesn't include the motorcycle yet...
    I've been "on wheels" since I was 18.... I'm on the safe side, if I assume I've got close to a million kilometers on the road.
    Day, night, ... and I've only had one accident: I fell asleep at one time (long story, was completely over-worked, etc... at least no one got hurt... the road was particularly "empty" at that time).

    Well trust me with this: Don't do ANYTHING WHILST DRIVING that has the potential to distract you from the road... distraction is like one of the major causes for some seriously shitty accidents.
    When you drive, your focus should be ON THE DRIVING.
    Same goes for overly loud music, phonecalls without the headset / bluetooth... and I don't see how a binky might help.

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    hehe done it b4. for the thrill. did it on the expressway where speed is abt 100 on avg. don think people will be able to se. it was at night too!

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    When I had a paci a few years ago, it was the only time I could use it while night driving home from work. I live and work in a more rural area with few lights on the roads, so you couldn't see people inside cars at night to know what they were doing. If I couldn't clearly see them, I knew they couldn't see me either. Living in a city with lots of bright street lights might be a different story, however.


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