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Thread: what did you buy today?

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    Default what did you buy today?

    I bought a 50 inch flat screen

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    I'll be BUYING some movie tickets to go see Oz: The Great and Powerful today with a friend.

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    I spent a few hours shopping for fun stuff in Chinatown today omg! So much hello-kitty

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    Two newspapers, a six pack of water, and a can of tomatoe paste. "That's all folks"

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    A Lady Rainicorn stuffed animal, a new t-shirt (it says ERMAHGER A ERNERCERN!) and wsome wristbands.

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    I rented a time machine to go back to yesterday to tell you I bought 2 pairs of footie pjs :P

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    Two coffees, Three cookies, a Mt. Dew, a Mello Yello, 2 reeses and a box of tea.

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    Default Re: what did you buy today?

    Pizza, gas, my fee to skate, a doctors visit, bowling fee, and maybe beer

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    I didn't buy shit since i'm Broke.......
    on friday night my parents and I went to see "spring breakers" and it was so awful that we left after about 45 minutes...... trust me, its bad!
    I saw (part of) it so you don't have to.....

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