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Thread: dreams leading to bed wetting

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    Default dreams leading to bed wetting

    this has happened to me 2 times this year :\ it seems to be getting worse

    so this is wat happens i am dreaming. the dream is normal i may be diapered or im standing over a toilet or something and i will let loose and probly less then 30 secs later i will wake to a soaked bed :\

    as of recently i bought a new bed and got plastic cover so it was protected and im glad i bought them.

    is it normal for people to have these dreams :\

    and should i be worried because as of recently they are getting closer to gether they use to be once a year then they were once every 3 or 4 months

    now its once every 1 - 3 months :\

    i am kind of worried i would prefer not to be a bed wetter but if this keeps getting worse i may end up one

    i would like some thoughts on this thanks

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    I'm not sure. This has only happened to me once, and it was when I was ten. One of my first "diaper dreams" ever, and I ended up wetting the bed for the only time I remember ever doing it.

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    It's possible that can happen to certain people. I myself haven't heard that happening nor have I had that happen to me in a dream.
    I have in the past few years woke up during the night to a wet bed. I started wearing some protection after that. I now wear 24/7
    as I do have urge IC. You are young enough that I would start wearing protection and seek professional help. Let me know what you
    think about what I said.

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    i will seek pro help if it happens once a month cause thats way to often i will also then may or may not wear protection i would prefer not to wear just so i know when it happens and i dont sleep through it cause if i was in a diaper i dont think i would of felt it to wake up and stop :\

    but if get to were its happening 2 times a month i will wear protection i really dont like wearing diapers for a need its more of a fun thing but if i need to to prevent me from doing laundry (by hand) then so be it

    the last time this happened was january 22nd so ya :\

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    The only time I recall wetting the bed I was pretty young and it involved a urination dream. I have had dreams of that sort since but no bedwetting has occurred. In my experience, the dreams are uncommon but not unheard of. Bedwetting is less common and if it persists, is worth seeing someone.

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    When I was younger and still wet the bed I didn't remember having dreams that led up to it. I either woke up in a wet bed or I didn't. Since then I've had plenty of dreams where I'm trying to find a bathroom or I even actually use a bathroom, but I never wake up to a wet bed. I usually just wake up and have to pee more so than usual.

    Just the waking up in a wet bed is a sign of a problem all by itself, regardless of the dream. The dream is a way of your body processing that it wants to go to the bathroom. The fact that you do that without waking up is the problem, not the dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogsy View Post
    Just the waking up in a wet bed is a sign of a problem all by itself, regardless of the dream. The dream is a way of your body processing that it wants to go to the bathroom. The fact that you do that without waking up is the problem, not the dream.
    Yea, if you aren't waking up at all while wettig the bed and your body just lets go while asleep, I think there is a problem. For my one time, I was in that groggy half asleep state, so I wasn't aware fully of what I was doing, but I wasn't asleep either.

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    i was fully asleep until i felt wetness and was jerked awake i felt a lil bit like a couple drops come out maybe a couple drops when i sat up i noticed there was a rather large puddle on my bed :\ so ya not fun so i was sleeping through a good potion of it
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    I had these dreams occasionally when I was in my late teens - in my case it happened about four or five times and I think it was related to the stress of leaving home and going to college.

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    I sometimes dream that I am sat on the loo peeing or that I'm in lots of water, and that is when I might wake up either bursting for the loo or with a wet bed. I think this is because I panic about needing to pee all the time and so can't go in the car for too long etc. if you are really concerned about it, perhaps you should go to the doctor to get to the root of the problem.
    Good luck! X

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