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    Question Job security

    i probably got fired today from my job after my day started out very crappy first my roommate ignores me for joking with him on april fools day and then i get escorted out of the building and locked out for apparently threatening people and was left to freeze to death until one of my friends came and picked me up. if my boss lets me come back i probably won't after the way i have been treated, getting to the point i need advice to cope with this situation.

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    Pardon me cause I didn't get your post clear.. but why did he fire you?

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    Sorry to hear that. In light of the few details given, my suggestion is to do your best to review and evaluate the day's events as a disinterested observer might.

    Some things you might (or might not) find when you've calmed down and rationally evaluated:

    1. Perhaps you need to call some people to apologize for your actions. Doesn't necessarily matter whether you were right or not, or whether you go back to work there. Burned bridges can reappear in surprising ways and places. You'll need other jobs over the next few decades. You have no way of knowing where these offended people might show up.

    2. Review what happened and how to see what you could do differently if you get a second chance. Note I didn't mention what others could or should do differently. That doesn't matter, since you can only control YOUR behavior and actions.

    3. Review the job itself vs. your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Its possible that you are innately incompatible with this type of position. Even if they take you back, and you have to accept for financial reasons, perhaps its time to search for a different job.

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