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Thread: Twilight, the girl addiction?

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    Default Twilight, the girl addiction?

    (I think this is the right place to put this in because i want to have this as a intelligent discussion.)

    Okay so i'm a guy, and i'm confused. I've VERY VERY considerate about different things and i decided to figure out why this twilight series is such an addiction for girls. So i went and watched the movie VERY critically and then deciding that i can't judge it completely wihtout first reading the story i decided to read it. So i recently started reading it and i'm a little past half way right now and i'm just wondering if someone can shed some light on this phenomenon? Perhaps someone can explain it to me.

    A) What's up with the whole thing about how the actor playing Edward in the movie being gorgeous? I he's obviously above average but omfg he has the bushiest eye brows ever! So what gives? (Had to get that out of my system i don't get girls... p.s. i is straight lol)

    B) What's up with this love story? So i've been reading the story and the movie is very similar to its origins and i realized that the story lacks a true plot line... it's like wtf. It feels that 75% of the text is about her addiction to Edwards looks, fragrance, eyes... etc. How is this interesting?

    C) How'd this book even get popular? Is this like the only book that girls can actually relate to? My god, i find it amusing how they portray a vampire as "beautiful" and it's pretty frustrating.... I am not saying that the series is bad... i'm just saying that it's not too special and since (as i stated above) 75% of the story is about "bella's" "love" towards Edward's attributes i feel like there's a large amount of story, and real story-needed-plot missing. Such as if you think about it, the movie which i can assume will stay true to the story i'm reading, can be divied into a few real scenes... 1-Bella leave 2- Bella meets Edward 3- Bella discovers Edward 4- Edward introduces her to family 5- New vampires 6- runaway from vamps 7- Edward vs. new vamp 8- Ending

    D) Has anyone noticed the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY similar underlying theme which is like EXTREMELY similar to that of Tuck everlasting. It's not extremely apparant in the first movie/book but it's clear to me, it seems that there will be conflict on Bella's decision about immortality...

    Okay so in conclusion, just please tell me what's so special about this blood series. Can someone simply tell me that much? And no, this is not some guy who knows nothing rambling on about girly things... i've read many stories which have heavy romances in them and yet this is by far the most skillesly written book that brings romance into its storyline.


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    A.) Edward's supposed to be better-looking than that. Robert Pattinson's a good actor, but he makes a crappy Edward. All the girls saying he's gorgeous are in love with the character Edward, not Robert. So they mix it up. ... He has ugly hair, too. Just saying.

    B.) The plotline comes later into the series. Ultimately it's about her being hunted down by vampires because of her connection to the Cullen family and her knowledge of their world. You'll see when you read New Moon and onward. The plot develops. But try to remember it's ultimately a romance. Of course it's going to be about their relationship more than anything.

    C.) The only reason it's so popular, in my belief, is because one person made a big deal about it, then it kind of spread into this whole screaming fangirl thing. I love the series. But it's not as good as all this fandom calls for. Again, this whole thing about the plot. The story is a romance novel.

    D.) Keep reading.

    I love the series. I really do.
    But a lot of people don't love the series. They love being "in" with their friends and fangirl-screaming about Edward.

    And if you don't mind me ruining the entire series for you, AIM me and I'll tell you the plotline you're looking for. Cause it doesn't really start until Eclipse.

    P.S. I'm a guy. Yes. xD

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    I hate this group stuff.

    And thank you for insulting my MASSIVE eyebrows. At least they all go one way, no fro here.

    I would read the books or see the movie, but I don't have any girls that like this crap that I am friends with, not to mention that I only have one girl that I am actually good friends with, and I can't get any others, the one I do have, she wouldn't view this crap, and has a boyfriend she would much rather sex than me. I will not read the book however, because I don't want my manliness to be permabanned.

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    Well im a girl and if you could tell in my recent post i am in love with the series i read Twilight and New Moon in two days and shall start Eclipse tomorrow.
    I'm not gonna lie before i was like okay what's the big deal it must be stupid but after getting dragged to watch Twilight i fell in love and of course i had to read to books.

    A) I agree with Akira... but also , his character is a little more watered down in the movie. In the books hes a lot more over protective of Bella uhmm just over all. I like book Edward better than the movie its hard to explain for me.

    B) I just finished New Moon and it will make alot more sense this book is just setting you up for it.. and BTW duh its a romance novel there is love in it.

    C)Again i agree with Akira. But , I also believe its just every girl loves to fantasize about her dream guy.Especially forbidden love.

    D) Again keep reading it will make more sense.
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    Let me quote a well respected member of the man-mmunity to describe my feelings of why twilight is so popular.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dick
    Women are social chameleons — or better yet: social vampires. Women walk into a situation and before you know it they’ve completely changed their wardrobe and mannerisms as if they’ve joined a fucking cult. Men are not sheep. Everyone knows the word for a female sheep is ewe, but what about the male word? There isn’t one because sheep is something men are not.

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    I'm a guy and so many of my friends had been talking about it that I bought it. I think it's great! I was worried that there would be too much "female oriented romance" but it wasn't bad at all! I just like the idea of a forbidden love. Plus, Bella is soooo subordinate to Edward. She just wants to be his forever. And that's hot.

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    Lol thanks for responding... but still me question is why there's such a big fuss about the first book and not the other ones since the first one is simply purely about edwards looks and other things about Edward, and yes i am reading the books and i believe that reading a book from Edwards perspective BEFORE bella came into the story would be very interesting, unless of course the author makes him have a dark sense of humor for no reason other than to repeatdly state the line "I hear a dark chuckle..." over and over again which i would not be suprised if she did that just for the chuckle thing -_-

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    Actually the author is writing all 4 books from Edwards point of view. but make sure you finish the series first cause there will be spoilers.

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    Aside from stuff on the internet, I seriously haven't heard a single word about this 'Twilight' thing. Perhaps it's because of my geographical location, but that doesn't make sense since American fads tend to filter over to here as well.

    Is it just another thing aimed primarily at preteens that for some reason has broke through to a wider audience?

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