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    Default Nintendo 3DS XL

    Got the first red one a couple months ago and as of recently the new pikachu edition one! (Thanks to my wuff <3)

    Currently I have Nintendogs, Pokemon Black, and Harvest Moon: New Beginnings. I'm currently waiting on the new Animal Crossing game! So excited! <3
    Am also considering getting Luigi's Mansion and the latest Pokemon mystery dungeon game that came out

    Does anyone else have one? If so what's games do ya play and would reccommend?
    Would love to swap some friend codes! <3

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    I bought me a red 3ds XL when I heard the announcement for pokemon x/y
    Right now I have pokemon black 2, luigis mansion, Mario 3d land, resident evil, and Mario kart. I also got the professor Layton game for free when I registered LM. I would recommend luigis mansion for sure.

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    Well I don't have an Xl but I do know I will ethier get that or a 3ds just because pokemon X

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    I used to have a black 3ds, but when the 3ds XL hit the market here, gamestop stores were offering a trade-in program so I traded the small one in for an XL at half price. That's the best thing I ever did. I've got pretty large hands and used to get aches and cramps in them after a couple of hours playing the 3ds. Now with the XL I've never had that problem again

    I've currently got these native 3ds games:
    Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D - love it
    Street Fighter IV 3D - pretty cool
    Samurai Wariors Chronicles - love it
    Rayman 3D - find that one a bit boring
    Steel Diver - complete crap if you ask me
    Mario Kart 7 - pretty cool
    Kid Icarus Uprising - great, but I tend to get nauseous from the fast moving graphics (unfortunetely)
    Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D - weird. not really my thing, but it was cheap.
    Super Paper Mario Sticker Star - pretty cool
    New Super Mario Bros 2 - great traditional mario game
    Super Mario 3D Land - awesome

    ...and a few DS games.

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    I have big hands, but I just couldn't part with my red 3DS. Once I have enough money though, I plan on buying an XL and giving my old one to my little brother.

    I have Dead or Alive Dimensions, Sonic Generations, Bust a Move Universe, Mario Kart 7, Tetris Axis, and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

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