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    Default when i laugh

    when i laugh i feel dizzy why is this?

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    I would like to konw this too... it hasn't happened in a long time but has in the past.

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    could be because you dont have enough oxygen getting to your brain.

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    [QUOTE=BabyBalto;1036094]could be because you dont have enough oxygen getting to your brain.


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    Isn't that the definition of being an airhead? Okay, just kidding. I had to go for it. I think the obvious is that you are being deprived of oxygen. You may also be lowering your blood pressure.

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    If its a problem for you then you could always ask a doctor to make sure everything is ok?
    Or you could just become a sad and depressed person who always takes everything seriously and never laughs.

    Both are good solutions.

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